Brainstorming Dental Office Names? Choose Wisely!


So, you’re ready to open your own dental practice. You have everything planned out. You’re down to the final step – brainstorming dental office names for your practice. Easy, right?

In this video, we explain some of the various approaches you can take to find the perfect name for your dental practice.

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So you’re opening your own dental practice. Congratulations!

All you need to do now is come up with the perfect dental office name. Easy, right?

Maybe not as easy as you thought. There are certainly a lot of different ways you can go. Some are better or worse than others, depending on your situation.

Hi, I’m Alison Micheletti, Senior Dental Marketing Strategist at Golden Proportions Marketing, the most experienced dental marketing company in the country. Today I’ll share some advice on brainstorming dental office names for your practice.

Use Your Own Name

Using your own name would be the most obvious option. If you’re well known in your community, or you come from a line of dentists, then go ahead and cash in on the value your name already has.

But there may be some downside. What if you decide to take on a partner later? What if your name is common? (Are you listening Dr. Jones?) Is it hard to spell? Would it make a really long website address? The worst case scenario is if your name has negative connotations. Dr. Darryl B. Pain probably should have chosen another field besides dentistry.

Include Your Location in the Name

Using your city or town for dental office names can be great for SEO purposes, but you’re probably not the first one to come up with the idea. Check to see if any of your competitors beat you to it. Also look at other types of businesses to see how commonly it is used in your area. If not many, then go for it before someone else does! Also consider whether or not you may someday open additional locations in other areas.

Come Up With Something Creative

If those first two options don’t work out (or if you just feel like being unique), then come up with a more creative name for your dental practice. This will take some brainstorming, so jot down thoughts and ideas related to the type of area you’re located in, your personality, your philosophy of care, your area of specialty, or even the type of emotion you want people to associate with your practice.

Cosmetic practices may want to conjure up images of esthetic beauty. Practices that feature sedation dentistry might want something calming. Use your imagination!

Other Considerations

There are some other factors that aren’t necessarily deal breakers for choosing a particular name, but you may want to consider them just the same. First, is the domain name available? If people don’t know your website, they’ll probably guess, and who knows where they’ll end up. Second, how will it look on your dental logo, or an office sign? Names that are lengthy can be difficult to work with. And finally, is it easy to use in conversation? Remember that your front desk team will be saying it every time they answer the phone, so be considerate toward them.

Take it from the company who came up with the business name “Golden Proportions Marketing.” Even we agree, it’s a mouthful.

Thanks for watching!