Your Dental Website: 7 Signs You Need A New One


Don’t play games with your dental website. If it’s outdated potential patients will think your practice is too. Watch this week’s Wednesday Wisdom courtesy of Jackie and find out if you need a new dental website or you’re okay with being stuck in the past.

She has 7 helpful signs that it might be time to invest in a new dental website. Watch them all. You won’t want to miss a minute!

1) Is your dental website the work of an amateur? This is bad. Find out why.

2) Is your website ADA accessible? If your website doesn’t have an ADA Accessibility page, or you don’t know what this is, you might need a new dental website.

3) Only you know how old your dental website truly is. The older it is, the more likely you’re due for a change.

4) Have you ever heard of WordPress? Your site should be built on it.

5) When was the last time you looked at your dental website on your mobile phone? Is it even optimized for mobile viewing?

6) Is your site breaking the law regarding state regulations? It’s in your best interest to see what Jackie has to say about this one!

7) Are your toddler children referred to in your dental website bio now in college? Sounds like your site may be plagued by outdated information.

how does your website stack up?


Jackie: 00:00 Hey guys it’s time for another addition of Wednesday Wisdom, I’m Jackie from the Web cave and today we’re going to talk about some obvious ways you can tell that you might need a new website.

Jackie: 00:10 Do you remember those old Jeff Foxworthy jokes about how you might be a redneck? Kind of keep that in mind as we’re going through these. Here we go.

Sign #1: Your dental website was built by an amateur

Jackie: 00:18 If your neighbor’s kid built your website as a class project, and failed the class, you might need a new website. Websites are complicated and they need to be left in the hands of trained professionals and not your neighbors kid.

Sign #2: Your dental website is not ADA accessible

Jackie: 00:32 If your website doesn’t have an ADA Accessibility page, or you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say that, you might need a new website. An ADA Accessibility page is built for people with disabilities so they can better read your site, or if they’re hearing impaired, so they can actually hear the content on your site. If you don’t have one of these pages, you may be leaving yourself open for frivolous lawsuits. Trust me, we’ve seen a lot of them.

Sign #3: Your dental website is very, very old

Jackie: 00:58 If your website was built when Miley Cyrus looked like this, you might need a new website, because this picture’s from 2009, from the Party in the U.S.A video. Just think about how many cell phones you’ve had since 2009 and the differences in technology since then. There are things on your website that might not even work today, and by the way, that’s what she looks like now.

Sign #4: Your dental website is not built on WordPress

Jackie: 01:22 If your website is only editable by an HTML software and not a user friendly platform like WordPress, you might need a new website. When I say HTML, do you remember the Matrix with all the green little code-y things in the background? That’s literally how I have to edit an HTML site. So please, think about a more user friendly approach.

how does your website stack up?

Sign #5: Your dental website is not mobile responsive

Jackie: 01:45 If your dental website is not mobile responsive, meaning it doesn’t give the user the best experience no matter what platform they’re using, no matter if it’s a tablet or a cell phone, or a desktop computer, you might need a new website.

Sign #6: Your dental website does not meet state regulations

If you don’t know the regulations in your state for how things are worded, you might need a new website, because there are some states where you can’t say sedation dentistry, or you can’t talk about Botox unless it’s strictly for TMJ pain, and to our friends up north in Canada, your regulations are even stricter. So if you haven’t checked the regulations since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, you might need to check them out. Bonjour Mr. Trudeau.

Sign #7: Your dental website includes outdated information

If your bio says that you are the mother of adorable toddlers and they’re now in college, you might need a new website, because if you haven’t updated your bio or your team photos or your credentials, how are people going to know what you’re up to and what services you provide properly? Let me give you an example from another industry. This is actor Thomas Brodie Sangster, you might recognize this picture from the movie Love Actually. If he never updated his bio, you might never know that he’s now 28 and he was in Game of Thrones, and the Maze Runner movies and all of that stuff.

Jackie: 03:0Finally, if you don’t have a website at all, you definitely need a new website. That’s it for this edition of Wednesday Wisdom, tune in next time.

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