How helpful is your dental website?


Patients, both new and existing, will turn to your website when they have questions.

But does it have the answers they’re looking for?

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, Founder and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the largest and most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country.

Your dental website needs to be a useful resource to both your current and potential patients. To do that, you need to offer content that answers virtually every question they will have through every stage of their patient lifecycle.

To make sure they find the answers they’re looking for, check to see if your dental office website has the following pages or sections:


Patients will want to know what services you provide and what to expect during those procedures. This is an ideal area of your website to use videos for explaining and educating.

Team bios

Patients will be more than curious to know what you look like, how qualified you are, and what your personality is like. And remember that your front desk team will be the first people they meet when they enter the office, so be sure to include them as well.

Payment options

Patients ALWAYS have questions about cost and payment. You don’t have to reveal your fees, but you should clearly explain the options you provide for payment, insurances you participate with, and any payment plans or in-office dental membership plans you offer. People are generally concerned more about HOW they pay versus HOW MUCH they pay.


New patients don’t know you, so they’ll want to know what other people think about you and your office. Give them lots of positive reviews and testimonials to help reinforce their decision to choose you as their dental care provider.

Office information

OK, this last one may seem obvious, but make sure your dental website clearly tells people where you’re located, what your office hours are, and how they can easily contact you. Make your phone number easy to find, and also include a contact form, as well as your online appointment scheduling if you offer that option.

Thanks for watching!