Are You Losing Half Of Your Dental Website Visitors?


You could be losing HALF of your dental website users and not even know it. Can you afford to lose potential patients to the competition? In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Veronika will show you why your dental website could be losing readers instead of attracting the new patients you want.

She’ll break down the importance of:

1) Having a responsive dental website design that’s made for mobile users too (on devices of all shapes and sizes).

2) Checking three key things to find out of your dental website is responsive (you’ll have to click play to find out what they are). Take notes!

3) Catering to Google when it comes to a responsive dental website.

4) Updating your Google My Business page.

how does your website stack up?


Veronika: 00:00 Hi, my name’s Veronika, and I’m the web developer here at GPM. I’m here to talk to you about responsible web design and why it’s important. Millennials are no longer the only ones using their phones to search the web all the time anymore. My grandfather’s 92 and he has an iPad, and he loves it. People of all ages are using all sorts of devices to search the web.

What is responsive website design?

Veronika: 00:18 Mobile users make up 52% of the world’s online traffic. That’s over half, and that number’s only projected to get higher. Is your dental website responsive? Because these devices come in all sorts of sizes, and it’s important that your website measures up. That’s where responsive web design comes in. A responsive website can scale to fit the screen of any device, and it also delivers this information in a fast and readable way.

How to check if your dental website is responsive

Veronika: 00:44 Responsive web design has been the trend for the past 10 years now. Is your site responsive? If not, it might be time for an update. You might be losing a ton of users. Not sure if your website is responsive? Check for these three things. Is the text readable, or do you have to zoom in? Are the buttons on the links clickable? Is there horizontal scrolling? People are used to scrolling down on a website, so if there are things to the left of the screen, they might not be seeing them.

Why Google wants to see a responsive dental website

Veronika: 01:12 And it’s not just users you have to worry about. Google doesn’t like it either. If your website isn’t readable to half the world’s online users, that’s no good to Google, and they’re going to push you down on their search results, and we don’t want that. Speaking of what Google likes, Google also likes a fast website. 40% of users will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Updating your Google My Business page

Veronika: 01:34 And while we’re on the subject of search results, make sure you have a Google My Business Page, too. When your client is running out the door and they need to find your phone number, address, or hours, it’s easy when they can just type your name into Google and it pops right up. So make sure your website and information are accessible, readable, and fast for people who are on the go.

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