Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads For Dentists Get Denied


There are five critical reasons Facebook ads for dentists get denied that you need to know about to avoid headaches and hassle in the future. (If you’ve been rejected by Facebook in the past, you’re not alone.) Press play and watch Xaña give you everything you need to know about your getting your dental Facebook ads approved every single time.

Did you know there are certain text restrictions for dental Facebook ads? If you’re unsure of what they are and how they could be affecting or limiting your cost per click, you might want to watch this video.

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There are also issues with using Facebook ads for dentists to sell banned topic and sending people to a shady landing page if they happen to click on your ad. Facebook says these things are a big “no no” and your ad is at risk of being denied. You’ll have to watch the video to learn how to avoid costly mistakes that can make your dental ads unworthy of a prime spot on potential patients’ Facebook feed.

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You boosted a gorgeous smile makeover case from a happy patient, and Facebook just told you, “No.” What? This is ridiculous. If you’ve been there, you’re not alone. Learn what you can do to make sure your next dental Facebook Ad gets approved.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, the nation’s leading strategic dental marketing company.

We all love Facebook most days, but if you advertise your dental office on Facebook, I’m willing to bet that there have probably been a few times where you’ve wanted to maybe drive out to Silicon Valley, and go a few rounds with Mark Zuckerberg, if you know what I mean, you are not alone.

I want to share some of the top reasons that Facebook gives your ad the smack down, so that you can avoid that restraining order.

First, there’s way too much text in your image. Weirdly, though Facebook will let you write a book about your frustration with the airlines, or your kid getting into college, they don’t want to see it in your ad. Back when Facebook Ads were new, you couldn’t have text appear in more than 20% of your ad image. Now they’re aren’t as strict, but an ad with a lot of text could really limit your reach or increase your cost per click. So if you get denied, edit that headline or reduce the font size in your layout.

Second, you’re trying to advertise a banned topic. Now I know you aren’t trying to sell weapons or exotic animals, but if you want to promote a pharmaceutical product, such as Botox, you’re going to be up a creek. Leave out the direct reference to Botox, and promote a 15-minute treatment for TMJ issues instead.

Third, your landing page is shady. Facebook doesn’t just care about the message in your ad, but the landing page that your ad directs the user to, as well. So make sure that your landing page includes all of your contact information, matches the topic of your ad, and provides a good user experience.

Fourth, your ad suggests characteristics about your target audience. Okay, so this one’s open to interpretation. But basically, Facebook doesn’t want your ad to directly imply anything about the user’s age, their disability or medical condition, their financial status, their race or ethnic origin, or even their sexual orientation, their practices, and their gender identity. So let’s say you’re advertising dental implants.

Instead of writing, “Are you a senior with missing teeth? Is your dental health keeping you from smiling and eating what you want?” Instead, you might want to say, “Missing teeth can mean missing out on life. We believe that healthy teeth provide happiness.” Essentially, let the reader decide for themselves if the ad applies to them.

Fifth, the grammar police would have a field day with your ad. Using caps locks for too many words in your ad makes it kind of look like you’re shouting at people. You don’t like it in a text message or an email, and Facebook kind of feels the say way about too many caps in their ads. So keep your ad copy readable, succinct, and double-check your grammar. Not only will this make Facebook happy, but your users will like it, too.

If you feel strongly that Facebook should recheck your ad, you can actually submit an appeal. Most ads are denied by a bot in round one, and humans only get involved in round two. A human will be able to read intent, but if you still get denied, call us for some free help. Our digital dental marketing team will be happy to advise you on what to tweak.

If you want to know what else to try in internet advertising, be sure to download our guide to 2019’s Top Dental Internet Marketing Trends. This free guide will inspire everything you need to succeed. Thanks for joining me.