The Do’s, the Don’ts, and the Maybe’s of Using Facebook to Promote Your Dental Office


Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform used by dental offices to promote their practices. But are you making the most of it?

In this video from Xaña Winans, who runs one of the most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country, Xaña will explain some of the do’s and don’ts (and even maybe’s) of using Facebook to attract new dental patients..

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OK, so you “like” the idea of using Facebook to promote your dental office. But maybe you’re not quite sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing to use this social media platform effectively.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, owner and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, the most experienced dental marketing company in the country. Today I’ll share a few of the biggest do’s and don’ts of using Facebook for your business.

And I’ll even throw in a few maybe’s that could be useful!


First and foremost, you should post frequently. To hold the attention of your audience, you need to be communicating with them on a regular basis. Posting at least 2-3 times a week is probably a good frequency without it feeling overwhelming to keep up with. Posting daily is even better. It’s also a great idea to plan out a social calendar ahead of time to keep you organized and on track.


While you want to be consistently sharing information with your patients, avoid being too self-promotional. Limit your “schedule an appointment today” kind of reminders to 20% or less of your total posts and focus the rest of your conversations on fun and informational topics that readers will enjoy and appreciate.


To extend your reach beyond your current followers, you might want to consider using paid boosts for your posts. If you find one of your conversations is generating a more than average amount of engagement, put a few dollars behind it and get your office in front of more potential new patients.


A proven way to get extra engagement on your posts is to use photos and videos. Videos (just like this one) create 70% more engagement than the average facebook post. I have a full video production team, but all it really takes to create authentic video is an iPhone and a thumb to start recording.


One thing you need to be careful about is using photos or videos of your patients (or any kind of post that would identify them) without their consent. Make sure you get written consent before you post to avoid any HIPAA or legal issues. If you need a consent form, download one for free from our Resources page.


Once you get good at creating visual content, then adding an Instagram account to use along with Facebook can be an easy way to expand your audience. Instagram is dedicated to showing and sharing photos and videos so it is a great platform to show the fun side of your practice or share “seeing is believing” kind of stuff like cosmetic makeovers.


Facebook for dentists is all about engagement, so you want to be friendly and casual when writing your posts. Anything that sounds more like a speech than a conversation won’t feel inviting for people to jump in on to participate. Ask questions and request opinions to get the ball rolling.


When someone comments on your content, don’t miss the opportunity to engage with them. Thank them for compliments. Answer their questions. Offer to discuss their concerns. The worst thing you can do is simply ignore a negative comment. Try to move the conversation offline, but don’t pretend it doesn’t exist or isn’t worth responding to.


If you have a good audience and good engagement, then running facebook contests can be a really fun way to keep people involved and bring new users into your conversation. Posting a funny photo and offering a prize for the best caption is just one idea. The only limit to contest ideas is your imagination.

Well, that’s all I have to “share” for today about Facebook. Hope you “liked” it!

Thanks for watching!

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