What Data Can I See on My Dental Facebook Page


If your dental office is utilizing Facebook for things like posting, creating events, or running boosted posts and paid ads, you’ll want to know how those tactics are doing as part of your dental social media marketing. There are metrics behind the scenes on your Facebook Business page – you just have to know where to look, AND be logged in as an admin. This brief tutorial video will point you in the right direction.


If you are an admin on your dental Facebook page, you can see analytical data behind the scenes. If you’re an admin, you’ll see options in a white bar across the top. If you’re an admin on just one page, the very top will stay blue. If you’re using Facebook Business Manager to admin multiple pages, it will be gray. 

If you do not see this white bar- you are not an admin. 

Click on Insights.

A summary screen of data will appear. You can adjust the dates.. but do note that everything is reported in Pacific time zone… since Facebook is on the west coast.

Hovering over the “i” information symbol will show you an explanation of that metric.

Here you’ll see things like:

-number of views

-number of likes

-Reach – how many people saw your content

… in summary form.

Towards the bottom, you’ll see paid ad metrics, as well as the most recent post metrics.

Let’s dig deeper using the options on the left.

Followers: Examine your number of followers in detail. See trends by date, or organic vs paid followers. Did they follow you based on someone’s suggestion?

Reach: How did people react to your posts? Did they “like” it? Share it? How many people saw the post? And did they see it organically, or because you paid for more reach?

Speaking of paid, clicking Ad Center will show you stats on paid Facebook ads and boosted posts. Things like ad reach, engagement, and more… broken out by individual ad or post. 

It will also suggest a post that is super popular for you to boost. 

This barely scratches the surface of the data that Facebook provides… so get in there and see all the different options!

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