Should Your Dental Practice Run Boosted Facebook Posts or Facebook Ads?


If we asked you when you should boost a Facebook post versus running a Facebook ad on your dental social media marketing, would you know the right answer? In just under two minutes, our web expert Jeff is going to show you three solid, clear examples of when it’s a good idea to use each of these useful Facebook tools for social media for dentists.

1) You wrote a blog about teeth whitening and people went nuts over it. You got a good reaction and interaction online, and even a few phone calls to the office for appointments. But how do you capitalize on this success? With a boosted post or an ad? Watch what Jeff has to say and find out.

2) Our next scenario is this: You’ve brought on a pediatric dentist and want to grow your pediatric patient base. Will a boosted post get your message across or should you rely on a custom Facebook ad? Press play and find out!

3) Karen from your office is celebrating a birthday. She’s the friendly face your patients meet when coming to the office or calling to schedule an appointment. Do you share her fun day with a boosted post or a Facebook ad? Jeff will let you know which one works best.

are you a social media savant?

Social media for dentists doesn’t have to be time consuming and confusing. Watch this video and more to give you the insight and tools you need to grow your brand. 

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So you’re diving into the exciting world of Facebook marketing. You want Facebook to help your dental office grow, but you aren’t sure where to start, boosted posts or Facebook Ads. If you read our last blog, you know a little background on the difference between the two.

I’m Jeff Sebasovich, and today I’m going to show you three examples of when to boost or when to use Facebook Ads.

Example one. You posted a new blog to Facebook about teeth whitening, and that post got 45 likes, 14 comments and two people scheduled teeth whitening appointments that mentioned the blog specifically. This is a perfect example of when to boost a post. You’ve already seen the post has had success with people who like your page. Boosting the post to go after an audience similar to the people who like your page located 10 miles around your office should get even more engagement, and possibly more scheduled appointments.

Example two. You just hired a pediatric dentist and you want to grow your pediatric patients. You’re also running a $49 children’s new patient special. A Facebook ad would work perfectly to promote this special. Due to the targeting available, you could, for example, target just women who are Moms ages 22 to 35 who also have children ages three to 12. Your ad will show specifically to this audience, and will likely convert at a much higher rate because it’s relevant.

Example three. It’s Karen’s birthday. Karen is your super nice, hardworking front office manager. She’s the first person people see and are greeted by when they walk into your office. She’s mentioned on a ton of reviews about how nice and welcoming Karen was. This is a perfect situation to make a post about Karen for her birthday and boost it to your surrounding community. Include a picture of her at the front desk smiling, and also one of the best reviews you have that mentions her. Boosting this post to show off your office and the friendly awesome staff who work there is an excellent branding strategy.

These are just three examples of boosted posts versus Facebook Ads and when to use which. If you want to learn more or you’re interested in trying out either of these awesome digital dental marketing techniques, give us a call. We’d be happy to help your practice grow and gain more patients. Also, be sure to download our brand new guide, Social Media Marketing Ideas for Dentists. See you next time.