Why Your Dental SEO Plan Must Include NAP


Does your dental SEO plan include NAP? We’re not talking about a snooze. Wake up and let us show you why this is crucial to your site’s success. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Bess shows you how a little offsite work can help you climb to the top of the search results.

You can’t afford to pass this one up! Bess is going to answer these questions and the record straight:

1) What is NAP consistently in dental SEO? Do you know? We’re not telling. Press play and find out.

2) What does NAP mean for dental office transitions? It’s important and once you watch you’ll see why.

3) Why should you monitor your dental office NAP? This step involves zombies. Enough said.

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Bess: 00:00 Hey everyone it’s Bess here at GPM, for another episode of Wednesday Wisdom. We’ve been talking a lot about how to make your dental website wow, from custom photography, custom copy, even video. Today I wanna talk to you about how to make your site climb to the top of the search results through some offsite work.

What is NAP consistency in dental SEO?

Bess: 00:20 It’s called NAP consistency. NAP stands for name, address, phone number. Believe it or not, there’s hundreds of sites out there that refer back to your practice. Some of them are more important than others, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau, maybe even your local chamber of commerce, point is there’s a lot of them. What you need to

NAP and dental office transitions

Bess: 00:53 So if you’re a new practice, if you’ve purchased a practice, if you’re adding a doctor, or getting rid of a doctor, if you’re changing the practice’s name, roll up your sleeves you’re gonna have some work to do. If you’re a doctor who’s practicing the same location for 35 plus years, chances are you aren’t off the hook either. You may be referred to as your brand in some directories and as your doctor name in others, you may have chosen to call yourself doctor in one listing and use the DDS in another. Or maybe your name is Robert and sometimes you like to go by Bob. There are so many ways that the same exact practice can appear differently in a directory listing.

Why you should monitor your dental office NAP

Bess: 01:38 Now, NAP consistency is not a one and done solution, just like when you clean your house, you can’t expect it to stay that way. You’re going to have to keep your eye on it. Beware the zombie listings, if an internet directory picks up your listing inaccurately, they can share that listing with another directory and then the issue will compound itself.

Bess: 02:01 So, bust out your OCD skills, Google will reward you. And if you need some help cleaning up your directory listings call us. Thanks so much for tuning in for this week’s episode of Wednesday Wisdom. We hope you tune in next week for another tip.

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