Dental SEO Services: Technical SEO Tips For DIY Site Optimization


This is another video you won’t to skip or avoid because Danny tells you some of the most important things you need to know about technical dental SEO. Press play and learn the basics before you get lost stumbling around online looking for information. Here’s what you need to know:

1) Don’t go with just any hosting services for your dental website. You might want to consider getting away from shared hosting. Watch the video to find out why!

2) We’ll show you how important it is to have a secure website by installing something called an SSL if your website doesn’t currently have something in place. SSL helps protect your information, your patient’s information, and builds trust between you and your visitors.

3) You should also have a dental website that’s mobile friendly. It helps your patients and your dental SEO find you easier when searching online.

4) He’ll also show you how caching can help your site perform better for faster load times and give your dental SEO another boost.

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Danny: 00:01 Are you considering optimizing your own dental website? Maybe you just want to get more familiar with dental SEO. Hi, I’m Danny, director of web services from GPM, and in today’s video, we’re talking about technical SEO. I’ve got four tips to help you get started.

Danny: 00:20 The first thing we’re going to talk about is hosting. A great host can make a huge difference in your website performance, and not all hosts are created equally. If you need a top performing dental website, the first thing you should consider is getting away from shared hosting. We recommend hosting your website with a company like Flywheel if you’re built on WordPress, and if you’re not built on WordPress, consider getting a dedicated VPS. A company like Flywheel will give your site all the resources it needs to be fast and secure.

Dental website security

Danny: 00:48 The next thing I want to talk about is security, and when I say security, I primarily mean installing an SSL on your website. An SSL helps protect your information, your patient’s information, and helps build trust between you and your visitors.

Danny: 01:02 We believe that every website should have an SSL, but if you’re collecting patient information, selling products online, you definitely need to install an SSL. It’s easy to check if your website already has an SSL installed by visiting your website in a browser and looking for the lock.

Is your dental website mobile friendly?

Danny: 01:19 Tip three, mobile friendliness. Every day, users are completing more and more tasks from their phone or small device. If your website’s not mobile friendly or it was built several years ago, it may be time for a new website. If your website is already mobile friendly, the next best thing you can do is make it easy to use, and give all the information to your users as fast as possible.

Danny: 01:41 The last thing we’re going to talk about today is caching. Caching is when a server or browser stores a copy of your website to help make it load faster. Caching is a good idea, because it can help your website load faster, and make your user experience better.

Danny: 01:55 If you’re currently hosting your website on WordPress, there are a lot of great options via plugins that make it super easy to get caching installed. We recommend a plugin like Autoptimize, or WP Super Cache to make it really easy.

Danny: 02:08 Thanks for checking out today’s video about technical SEO. We have a handy dental SEO checklist on our website that you can download. As well, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us, go to our website, submit our contact form, or contact us on your social media platform of choice.