Dental SEO: Dead or Alive in 2020?


Do you really know about dental SEO? Sure, it’s easy to say you “get it,” but do you really know what it takes to see dental SEO success in 2020? You’ll know a lot more once you watch this short video featuring Golden Proportions Marketing owner and CEO, Xaña Winans. She runs one of the most experienced dental marketing companies in the country and knows a thing or two about successful dental SEO.

You’ll learn about four common SEO mistakes that could be hurting your brand, but you need to press play to find out what they are. (Could you be making one or more mistakes and not even know it?) 

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Much like lovable Mr. Peanut (and maybe Mark Twain before him), reports of the death of SEO for dental practices have been greatly exaggerated.

But that’s not to say that certain dental SEO strategies haven’t kicked the bucket in 2019.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, owner and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, the most experienced dental marketing company in the country. While I don’t know Mr. Peanut personally, I do have a very close relationship with “Mr. SEO,” and I can assure you he is alive and kicking in 2020.

But, I will tell you he’s NOT the same old SEO you used to know and some things that used to be best practices for SEO will be changing.

Here are a few outdated dental SEO strategies that need to be reborn just like Baby Nut in 2020 to keep your website search traffic healthy.

Stop worrying so much about the #1 spot

With paid ads crowding the top of search results pages and Featured Snippets now occupying position “zero,” having the position “one” ranking isn’t as great as it used to be. You still want to be on page one for sure, but people will now be more willing to scan farther down the results page to find what they’re searching for. That means instead of worrying about being on the top, focus on improving your click-thru rates by optimizing your headlines and meta descriptions.

Stop focusing on keywords

Google’s algorithms are getting smarter and smarter every day, and they are becoming more and more focused on understanding the meaning of content and matching it to the intent of the user. With a decreasing emphasis on specific keywords and an increasing emphasis on user experience, you should switch your thinking from keywords to topics. Understand what people are really searching for and give them some valuable answers. They’ll love you for it. And so will Google.

Stop thinking in terms of page quantity

It used to be conventional wisdom that the more pages and more blog posts your dental website had, the better your chances were for ranking highly on Google. But with Google looking more for quality these days, you should be moving away from having lots of pages with thin content, and toward content that dives deeper into topics and gives people what they want. Think of it this way… would you rather be the first place people look before moving on to other sites, or be the last place they needed to look because they found what they were really looking for?

Stop pretending mobile isn’t important.

It’s been more than a year since Google released its mobile-first indexing algorithm. Sadly, what should have been a wake-up call for everyone to make sure they have fully responsive websites has sparked little urgency to catch up with mobile demand. If your website hasn’t been updated in the past few years, it’s probably worth having it re-evaluated. At the very least, pull out your phone and see if everything looks good and is easy to use.

Follow these suggestions and your dental SEO should be in great shape in 2020.

Trust us. Unlike the Planter’s mascots with the top hats… we’re not nuts.

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Thanks for watching!