Dental SEO and Your Google Listing. What You Must Know.


How’s your Google My Business listing looking these days? Press play if you have no clue what we’re talking about. Your dental SEO depends (and so much more) depends on it. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Jackie shows you how your Google business listing absolutely impacts your office, your dental SEO, and where you rank in search listings. Watch and learn so you can get ahead of the competition!

She’ll talk about:

1) What your Google My Business listing is and why you can’t afford to ignore it.

2) What to do if you’re a dental office with more than one dentist. (We bet you don’t know!)

3) Why it’s so important that you update your Google My Business listing if/when your office moves.

4) How your inaccurate, ignored listing can impact your dental SEO and search ranking

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Jackie: 00:00 Hey guys, it’s Jackie from Golden Proportions with another edition of Wednesday Wisdom, and today we’re going to talk about the importance of your Google My Business listing, keeping it accurate, and making sure that all your information is correct for both conversion purposes and reputation management. Now your Google My Business dashboard is where all your information is held for both your Google search box listings and your Google Maps listing, so things like your hours, whether your business is open or not, whether you’re accepting new patients, all that information is stored in your Google My Business dashboard.

Google listings for dental offices with two dentists

Jackie: 00:36 This can be confusing for a lot of people, especially when it comes to multiple practitioners. So I want to explain it using some popular culture characters to make it a little easier. Stay with me. We’ve got our friends here from Game of Thrones and you don’t need to watch the show to know that these two were together, they were married. So we have Dr. Jason Mamoa, hi, and Dr. Emilia Clarke at Seven Kingdoms Dental Partnership. Now let’s say what happens, just like it happened on the show, unfortunately, Dr. Mamoa dies. Now, what’s going to happen to his listing? Well, if you don’t do anything to it, it’s just going to hang out there in the universe. It’s going to continue to be there for people to search for.

Jackie: 01:25 So let’s say somebody new moves to town and they’re looking for a dentist. They’re going to be able to find Dr. Mamoa and see that he has great dental reviews and great hours and unfortunately they’re going to call the office and say, “Hey, I’d really like to set up an appointment with him. Can I do that?” They’re going to say, “No, he’s dead.” So someone definitely needs to get in there and mark him as closed. Otherwise he’s going to live in the web universe forever. Now let’s say that didn’t happen and the inevitable happens as it did in real life and these two go onto other things.

Update your Google listing when you move

Jackie: 02:02 Dr. Clarke moved on to the Star Wars universe and joined Galaxy Dental. She updated her listing. So you can see she’s now with Galaxy Dental in California instead of Seven Kingdoms in Minneapolis. She should probably update her profile pic too since she changed her hair for that movie. So anybody who’s looking for Dr. Clarke is going to be able to find her in the right spot. Dr. Momoa went off and joined the Justice League universe in Metropolis. But again, he did not update his listing. So his listing in Minneapolis is still going in the web universe, and this is going to confuse Google as well as your patients.

How inaccurate listings impact your dental SEO

Jackie: 02:51 Google is going to start creating what we call rogue listings or what I call whack-a-mole listings. Any combination that it can find Mamoa, Jason, Jason Mamoa, DDS, Aquaman dentist, it’s going to start making all of these listings and nobody’s going to know which is the right one. It’s going to make your patients mad because they’re not going to know where you practice and it’s going to make Google confused as to which one is the one that’s the accurate one to go with your website.

Jackie: 03:23 So it’s vitally important that if you move your listing moves with you and if God forbid something should happen, you do take care of your listings. Now, one final question. You may have been asking why Han never broke out and joined, made his own practice all on his own? Because then he would be a solo practitioner. See you next week.

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