How to Get Your Dental Office to the Top of Google Maps


Is your dental office at the top of Google Maps? Do you know why it should be? Press play and learn how you can get your office in front of the eyes of even more potential patients who are checking out dentists online. Getting to the top of Google Maps using local search ads is so easy and that’s why we’re breaking it all down for you in just two minutes.

Find out what the three primary reasons are for using local search ad campaigns on Google and how simple it is to set up your custom campaign that gets you the calls and results that can help your practice grow and thrive. (Hint: You’ll need to claim your Google business listing if you haven’t done so already so you can get started.)

Google Maps and ads for dentists are a small, but critical part of your dental digital marketing efforts. Find out why it’s so important to have your business appear on Google Maps to help beat the competition. (Tip: If you watch this video and you’re really confused, you can always call us to help get your campaign set up. We’ll make sure your ad shows up as number one at that your office is even showing up in searches for surrounding cities.)

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When you search for dentists near me, does your practice show up on Google Maps? And even if it does, do you find yourself thinking why on earth is that dentist showing up? He’s not that good. I get all of his patients. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Xana Winans, CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the leading dental marketing companies in the US. Today I want to talk to you about Google Maps for dentists and how to get your practice to the top of Maps, guaranteed. As you all know, Google makes billions of dollars a year on advertising, and that’s because only one business gets to occupy the number position in organic search, and if that’s not you, we should talk, but in the meantime I want to help you move to the top of Google Maps with local search ads.

There are three primary reasons you would want to set up a local search ads campaigns on Google. First, your practice just doesn’t rank organically. This could be because you’re new or you have an old site or you just need to call us for SEO help. Second, you want to rank in Maps for a surrounding city. Google Maps only shows results of local businesses in that city, so if you live in Lewisburg and you want to show up in maps for Selinsgrove, you’re going to need an ad. And then third, it makes you absolutely green with jealousy to see a competitor at the top and you want the number one position, no matter what. Hey, I’m not judging.

These are all valid reasons for local search ads. Now, what do you need to set up a campaign? It’s actually pretty simple. First, you’re going to want to claim the listing. If you search for your practice name and you see a shield with claim this business, read our blog for steps on how to claim it. Second, you want to optimize the listing, complete every single field with your services, your hours, your parking, even the types of payment that you take. And then third, get reviews, because once you launch your local search ads, your listing is going to show up, warts and all, with everyone else in Maps. So you want to dominate those listings with dozens, if not hundreds of good reviews. Finally, fourth step, call us to get your campaign set up. We’ll make sure your ad shows up as number one and that you’re showing up even in the surrounding cities.

If you’re looking for even more ideas for online advertising for dentists, download our free guide, Top Dental Internet Marketing Trends. Thanks for watching and join us next week for even more dental marketing tips.