How One Decision Could Change Your Dental Practice Revenue


Have we got a question for you! What if we told there’s this one thing that could cut down on your dental marketing expenses, and double your new patient traffic. Oh, and it will probably give you that edge over your competition that you secretly dream about.

But what’s that one magic thing? You’ll have to press play and find out. You only get one chance to get it right, so it’s something that could make or break your business. All this is according to your guide Xaña Winans, owner, and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, the country’s leading dental marketing company. She’s married to a dentist and brings real-life experience to this video that you’ll want to consider for yourself. Press play and find out what the big secret is and the three key reasons why it’s so vital to your dental office. 

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What if I told you there was one simple thing you could do to cut down on marketing expenses, double your new patient traffic and get an edge on the competition? The trick is, you usually only have one chance to do it right. So, what is it?

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, the CEO and founder of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the very best dental marketing companies in the US. I’m married to a dentist, so the secret I’m about to tell you comes from personal experience.

The secret is location. Yes, the actual physical location of your dental office. Why is it so important to your dental marketing? There are three key reasons.

The first should be obvious – it’s visibility. The more visible your office, the more eyeballs there are exposed to your practice name and location every time someone drives to work or goes to the grocery store. I know a lot of practices who have put their offices inside professional buildings and come to regret it. The sheer lack of physical visibility or exterior signage when an office is buried somewhere on the 26th floor means these dentists are highly reliant on creating artificial visibility through dental marketing.

The second reason location is so vital? Over 82% of people have done a “near me” search, such as “dentist near me.” Google takes your business address into account for that search query, so if you’re trying to target an audience that isn’t actually “near you”, you’re going to lose out. It’s the very reason that offices with no reviews and a website dating back to 2004 can rank better than you. Choose a location for your dental office that is central to the community you want to serve to maximize the results of this search term. 

The third reason location is so critical has to do with the company you keep. As humans, our brains make quick judgments at an unconscious level. Historically, this instinct protected us by determining if we could trust a person, which could be a life or death decision. In modern life, this science extends to our surroundings as well. If your dental office is in a strip mall next to a payday loan company, or if you’re in a less desirable part of town, patients will make an immediate snap judgement about the quality of your care. If you’re on the main street in a high end part of town, patients will assume you are skilled and in demand. It’s not fair, but that’s how brains are wired.

If you’re wondering about the location of my husband’s dental office, here it is. He’s located just off the main street in a well-to-do university town. He’s directly across from a major retail business that gets lots of traffic each day. And, when we added prominent signage, his walk-in traffic jumped dramatically. All of this is totally free dental marketing that generates 70-90 new patients a year, for doing nothing more than being visible, “near me” and next to reputable businesses.  

It turns out that old real estate adage is correct after all: Location, location, location. If you’re about to choose your next location, call us for a free evaluation. If you’ve already chosen your location and just aren’t as visible as you’d like, our dental marketing services can help put you on the map.

Looking for more ideas? Download our 2020 Dental Marketing Inspiration Guide today. Thanks for watching!