How Dental Website Hosting Helps Your Dental SEO


Who hosts your dental website? Are they reputable? This is one instance where you’ll want to be careful who you choose. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, our resident web expert Danny is going to show you why who hosts your dental website is no joke.

He breaks it down in four ways that are easy to understand, so press play now to learn more.

1) Your dental website host and security absolutely have to go hand and hand. What do you need to be protected from? Watch and learn.

2) What about cost? Unfortunately, cheap hosting for your dental website can spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. Finding out today could save you from a costly headache tomorrow.

3) When was the last time your dental website was backed up? You might want to ask your host. (After you hear what Danny has to say.)

4) Is your dental website not operating at its full potential because your host is unreliable?

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Danny: 00:01 Hey everyone, Danny here, Director of Web Services at GPM with this week’s Wednesday wisdom. Today we are going to talk a little bit about the importance of choosing where to host your dental website. Sure there are some really cheap options available. But those often come with risks such as increased vulnerability to hacking a lack of website backups. Both of which are important parts of maintaining website.

Danny: 00:22 At GPM we strongly advise against using any hosting company that doesn’t offer the following, first security, two, speed, three, backups, and last but not least reliability. Let’s break each of those down a bit.

Your dental website host and security

Danny: 00:39 Security, using a hosting option that provides constant security monitoring and intrusion detection protects your site from being compromised, keeping it safe and your brand intact.

Cheap dental website hosting can compromise site speed

Danny: 00:49 Speed, website speed depends on a lot of things, hosting is one of them. If you host your site with one of the super cheap hosting companies, it may slow down your site. This is because your website is probably one of many sharing a hosting server. And there’s only so much speed to go around. If one site that shares your server gets a ton of traffic, more resources are allocated to keeping that site up and running. This also means that there’s less for you and your site’s speed will suffer.

Does your dental website host provide backups?

Danny: 01:17 Backups, the future of automatic backups is an extra precaution that you should have. In the event that something happened to your site’s integrity. A recent backup will be easily available saving you time and money.

Danny: 01:29 Reliability, when you package security, speed, and backups together you get a reliable website hosted on proper hardware managed by an experienced team. When it comes to your office’s website, you want to protect yourself and make your website as stable as possible. This means it’s not only crucial to build a smart website that’s user friendly and well optimized, but also to host that site in a secure place. We understand that the ins and outs of websites and hosting can be confusing. And we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call us, leave a comment below, or chat us on our website we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for joining me today. Check back next week for another helpful tip.

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