Facebook Ads for Dentists: 3 Reasons You Really Want Them


Facebook ads for dentists are all the rage. Why? Because they can be extremely effective. Are you missing out on using this valuable marketing tool? In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Jeff is going to show why Facebook ads for dentists are more than just a fad or trend you can flat out ignore.

He’ll quickly answer these questions (and more):

1) How can you use targeted audiences only to reach specific types of people? What kinds of things can you target? You’ll just have to press play and see for yourself.

2) Looking to boost your brand awareness? Facebook ads for dentists are the way to go.

3) Are you making the most of Facebooks 2.2 billion active users? (Your competition probably is.)

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Jeff: 00:00 Hey everybody. Jeff Sebasovich here. I am the Digital Advertising Manager with Golden Proportions Marketing, and I am here with this week’s Wednesday Wisdom. Today, we’re going to talk about three reasons you should be using Facebook ads.

Reason #1: You can build targeted audiences

Jeff: 00:12 Number one is targeted audiences. Facebook gives you the opportunity to target very specifically to make sure your ads are showing to only the right people. You can target things like demographics, interests, or even life events. For example, if you’re a pediatric dentist, you can target only parents, or only moms with school age children.

Reason #2: Facebook ads for dentists boost brand awareness

Jeff: 00:34 Number two, Facebook ads can help increase your brand awareness. If you’re bringing on a new doctor, or opening a new office, Facebook ads could be a really good opportunity to let people around you know that you’re ready to bring on new patients.

Reason #3: Dental patients are on Facebook and so is your competition

Jeff: 00:51 Number three is Facebook’s just too big to ignore. There’s an average of 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users. That’s a lot of eyes for your ads to be seen by. Marketers recently said that 42% of people think that Facebook ads are important or crucial to their current business. What this means is that if you’re not using Facebook ads now, you need to be. Because if you’re not, most likely your competition is.

Jeff: 01:23 Hope this helps. If you have any more questions about Facebook ads, or are interested in trying them out, please contact us, we’d be happy to help, and tune in next week for another Wednesday Wisdom.

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