Use digital ads to find your ideal dental patients


Do you think you’re getting as much attention as you deserve? If not, maybe you should be using digital ads to promote your dental practice.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, Founder and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the largest and most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country.

Digital marketing for dentists can be a great opportunity for dentists to get more new patients. One of the biggest reasons is their ability to target an exact audience to match the ideal patients you want to attract to your office. (Why waste money advertising to people who aren’t really going to make good patients and will probably not stick around anyway?)

There are three ways dental ppc ads can help you find more keepers.

Demographic targeting

First, demographic targeting. You can use data such as age, gender, education level, income, marital status, and occupation to hand-pick the most qualified new patient leads. If you have dental patient personas defined (and I hope you do), you’ll already know which common characteristics your best and most qualified patients share.

Psychographic targeting

Second, psychographic targeting will let you find people based on their activities, interests, opinions, values, personality traits, or lifestyle choices. So, if you cosmetic dentists out there want to find coffee and wine drinkers in your area who may need a whitening procedure, you can!

Behavioral targeting

Third, you can target people based on what actions people have taken online, including website visits, ads clicked, and purchases made. Retargeting, which tracks people who have previously visited your dental website or landing pages, is a very common and useful way to reach people who already have shown interest in your dental practice.

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