Dental Websites Need Custom Photography to Convert More Visitors!


What types of photos do you currently have on your dental website? If you answered stock instead of custom, you need to press play. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Sarah (one of our talented graphic designers) shows you why generic is generally not a good thing when it comes to your dental website photography.

She’ll show you how it all works out and answer some important questions:

1) Did you know that custom photography will increase your retention rate among website visitors? Sarah has the stats and experience to explain why this is absolutely true and you need to watch and listen to learn more.

2) Are you at all interested in the authenticity of your dental website design? Sarah will show you how custom photos make your site more memorable and have a big potential highlight you, your office, and your talented team.


Sarah: 00:00 Hi there. Welcome to Wednesday wisdom. I’m Sarah Brown, senior graphic designer here at GPM.

Custom photography increases retention

Sarah: 00:06 Today I’m going to talk to you about the importance of custom photography. Face it. Image is everything. Statistics show that after just three days of hearing a piece of information, we can only recall 10% of it. That same information, backed up with a picture will be remembered up to 65%. The website is most likely your best opportunity to make a first impression. What better way to benefit from this by using custom photography to make a valuable impact on your audience. You literally have seconds to make a first impression.

Authenticity on your dental website

Sarah: 00:39 Why not make it memorable and authentic. It’s also a great way to showcase your practice, team, patience, community involvement, and represent your personality. Images are powerful tools to use within your dental website marketing. They’re professional, unique, and give a glimpse into your practice to help bring quality patients through your door.

Sarah: 00:59 Feel free to like or share this video, and tune in next week for our next episode of Wednesday Wisdom.

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