Dental website marketing essentials


Your dental website design is supposed to bring in lots of new patients.

But does it?

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, Founder and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the largest and most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country.

If your website isn’t filling your schedule and putting butts in the chairs, it may be lacking one or more of the marketing tools it should have.

On-page Dental SEO

Google will help bring visitors to your site, but only if you do your part to optimize your web pages. Make sure your dental SEO is in good shape and targeting the right keywords. If you’re paying someone to manage your SEO, ask them for an analytics report to see how much organic search traffic you’re currently getting.


Speaking of SEO, having a blog on your website is an effective way to add keyword-rich content and target specific search terms. It also gives you articles that you can share through your social media marketing, driving people back to your website. Make sure your blog is updated at least once or twice a month to show your patients (and Google) that you are actively invested in providing up to date information.


Online forms aren’t just for your Contact Us page. Use them throughout your site to collect users’ information, and make them appropriate to what your visitors are looking for. A free download of information about a service you provide is a great example of how to convert a visitor who is on your dental practice website for a particular purpose. You can then use that email address to follow up and tell people more about your services.


Every page on your website should lead visitors to some sort of action. These CTAs should be based on where visitors most likely are in their new patient journey. If they are browsing through your blog to learn more about a dental problem they are having, then your CTA might be to read additional articles or watch a video. If they are likely close to deciding on a dentist to visit, then you’ll want to suggest that they schedule an appointment online.

Contact information

Lastly, you can never really predict which page of your dental website people will be on when they reach the moment of truth and decide to contact you for an appointment. Your contact information, especially your phone number, should be easy to find on every page of your site in your header and footer so people can find it without any level of frustration. Online chat is also a great way to open up an instant line of communication with a visitor.

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