Dental SEO Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Website Rank


There are four crucial steps to creating quality content for your website to improve your dental SEO. Do you know what they are? Don’t play games with your dental SEO. Click play so Mark can tell you about:

1) Making sure the content on your website is original and unique, not some cookie cutter template copy that appears on other sites (a dental SEO no-no).

2) Creating a plan of action to remedy an issues you come across while assessing your situation.

3) The importance of having relevant, informative blogs on your website to improve the quality of your content and your dental SEO.

4) Why you should consider stepping in front of the camera and adding some videos to your website. You can create simple videos with your phone or even higher a professional crew to film you and your office.

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Mark: 00:01 Hi, what if I was to tell you one of the easiest ways to improve your search engine optimization results and attract new patients, doesn’t cost you a dime. I’m Mark Cresswell from Golden Proportions Marketing, and today I’m going to talk about four steps on creating quality content and to improve your dental SEO.

The importance of custom dental website content

Mark: 00:22 Before I go into the four steps about creating quality content, the whole goal of doing this is to make your content relevant, shareable, and to answer questions or solve problems that people might have. If people are happy, Google is happy.

Mark: 00:36 Step one, don’t wait to evaluate your dental website. Take a look at the content that’s there. Is it original to you? Does it represent your brand? Take some time and see if you have a blog that you’ve posted to in a while. Look at the content that’s there and send it through programs like Copyscape and see if it’s original. These are all quick things that you can do on your own to make sure that the content you have is unique and original.

Mark: 00:59 In step two, put a plan to action. Now that we’ve looked at the current state of our website, do we need a major revamping or is it just a couple tweaks here and there? Remember to start small. Address one page at a time and then take it from here. The main goal is to make sure that your copy creates a bond, creates a sense of trust and credibility between you and your patients.

Improving your dental website SEO with blogs

Mark: 01:20 Step three on improving your website’s SEO content is creating blogs that are relatable, shareable, and really interest your patients. You want to think of questions that your patients might have and try to answer them, and also, what’s important is to frequently post. Google will take notice of this, so to help your SEO efforts.

Mark: 01:40 And step four for improving the quality of your content and your dental SEO is videos. In today’s digital age, you can’t forget this very important piece to your process. So don’t be afraid to step in front of the camera and you don’t need to go big right off the bat. You can just create some videos using your Iphone, or if you do want to go big, I recommend hiring a professional film crew.

Mark: 02:00 The main thing to remember regarding making changes to your dental SEO, it’s not instantaneous. If you don’t see immediate results, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. If you have questions, please visit us at our website or download our SEO checklist. That’s all for this week. Please tune in next week.