Stop Wasting Your Money on These Dental Marketing Mistakes


Are you wasting your marketing budget? Find out if you’re making any of the five most common mistakes that cause dentists to waste their marketing dollars. 

Watch as Xaña Winans, who runs one of the most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country, shares the five most common mistakes that cause dentists to waste their marketing dollars. Odds are at least one of these applies to your practice, and not knowing which one can cost you dearly.

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Is your marketing money mysteriously vanishing? I think I can help you figure out where it’s disappearing.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, owner and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, the most experienced dental marketing company in the country.

If your marketing piggy bank seems like it has a hole in it, there are some common areas where I repeatedly see new dentists losing their money.

You’re not paying attention to marketing analytics

If you’re gathering marketing data but aren’t taking any action based on the results, then what’s the point? That’s like having a smoke alarm with a snooze button.

Look at your marketing analytics and call tracking statistics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Then decide what you should increase, decrease, or stop spending on accordingly. Or better yet, work with a marketing agency who does this for you.

You’re not tracking results

If you’re scratching your head asking “Wait, what are analytics?” — even worse!

You can’t rely on simply asking new patients where they heard about you. Half the time they don’t remember, the other half your staff forgets to ask them. Detailed and accurate information is critical for making smart marketing budget decisions, and that will only be possible if you have the right call tracking and marketing software in place.

You’re not getting your money’s worth from your software

Before you run out to buy new software to track your marketing, check to see if you already have it, but just don’t know it. Many offices end up overwhelmed by the initial training for a new software package and only end up using it for one particular thing, like appointment confirmations. That leaves other valuable marketing features like analytics, email marketing, and other automation untouched. Try learning one new feature of your software every one to two months. Put it into use and then move on to conquer the next feature.

You’re not answering the phones


If your staff is too busy to answer calls before they go into voicemail, you may as well be burning cash. 80% of calls that don’t get answered live just hang up and never leave a message.

Even if they are being answered, it’s quite common for calls not to be converted because teams don’t have the training and experience to overcome objections about insurance, cost and scheduled availability. Make sure that your call tracking software allows you to make HIPAA-compliant recordings of incoming calls so you can review what your staff is saying and train them how to convert more leads to patients.

You have a brochure for a website

Your website should be your central hub for lead generation. If it just looks pretty and isn’t attracting traffic or converting visitors to leads, then you’re missing out on yet another huge opportunity to bring in new patients. If you don’t have lead capture forms on your site, add them. And if you’re not sure what kind of shape your website’s SEO is in, visit the Resources section on for a free SEO evaluation.

If you were making any of these mistakes, don’t worry, we won’t judge. But you really should schedule a Marketing Breakthrough Call with us soon so we can give you some free advice on how you can do things differently to eliminate waste from your marketing budget.

Remember, change is good!

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