Stop Having One Night Stands with Your Dental Marketing


You’ve had a one night stand. And we know all about it… We’re talking about those unhealthy relationships you’ve had over the years with your dental marketing over the years. It’s all too easy for offices like yours to “date” different dental marketing companies while following the latest, coolest dental trends. Then you’re left disappointed and alone when your dream relationship doesn’t last or work out.

Did you know there are six signs that you can finally get off the dental marketing tinder train and celebrate finding the right partner who you love? It breaks down like this:

1) Your dental marketing partner actually works with you to set healthy goals and expectations for your marketing.

2) Your partner creates comprehensive dental marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals. You’re aware of the strategies you’ve invested in and the expected outcomes for all of your marketing efforts.

3) Your dental marketing partner should use digital and call tracking technologies, so you know exactly how many new patients you’ve reached and which strategies are most effective for you.

4) Your dental marketing partner should send you reports and review data with you, so you understand exactly what you’re getting from the money you’re spending on marketing.

5) Your dental marketing partner should feel like an extension of your dental office and your team.

6) Your dental marketing partner takes away your FOMO or “fear of missing out” because you know that your marketing is consistently getting you the revenue and results you want.

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Xaña: 00:00 It’s time to confess. Have you been having a one night stand with your dental marketing? I’m Xaña Winans with Golden Proportions Marketing. Now that I have your attention, I want to talk to you about how to have a healthy adult relationship with your dental marketing instead.

The cost of chasing the “next big thing” in dental marketing

Xaña: 00:20 In dental marketing lingo, a one night stand happens when dental practices jump from marketing company to marketing company following the latest, hottest industry trend trying to find that perfect new patient solution. It rarely works out and these dentists end up feeling used and like they wasted their money on a fleeting marketing romance. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Today we’re going to talk about the six signs that you have found your dental marketing love of your life. And you can finally get off that dental marketing tinder train. Here’s what you should be looking for in a healthy adult dental marketing relationship.

Xaña: 00:55 Sign number one, your dental marketing partner has worked with you to set some healthy goals and expectations for your marketing. If you don’t have a goal, just like they say, “Without a destination any road will get you there.” Sign number two, your dental marketing company has developed a custom plan that’s going to help you accomplish and reach those goals. You not only know the strategies of what you’ve invested in but you actually know the expected outcomes for all of these marketing opportunities.

Insist on results driven dental marketing

Xaña: 01:23 Sign number three, you can verify the results. Your dental marketing partners should be using digital and call tracking technologies so that you know exactly how many new patients and what revenue you received from each strategy and exactly how well that it worked. Sign number four, your marketing partner not only sends you reports but they review them with you so you understand what you’re getting. Think of it this way. You wouldn’t hand your money to a stranger to invest in the stock market and let them say, “It’ll work out. You just have to trust me, right?” You want to know exactly what the results are of your investment in your dental marketing.

Xaña: 01:59 Sign number five, your dental marketing company actually feels like an extension of your dental practice and your team. They know you and your office and your goals almost as well as you do. Sign number six, you no longer have FOMO, fear of missing out. Because you know that your dental marketing is consistently getting you the revenue and the new patient goals that you’ve been trying to reach. If you’re tired of feeling like just another number to your dental marketing company and you’re ready for a healthy adult relationship, let’s talk. Schedule your free marketing breakthrough call in the link below and let’s see if we can make a marketing love connection.