Dental Call Tracking Myths – BUSTED!


Are you one of the hard-working dentistry employees who’s still on the fence about dental call tracking? Well, it’s time you took off your skeptic’s hat and started to bust some of the “myths” you might have fallen victim to in terms of dental call tracking.

(We’re willing to be you’re guilty of saying or at the very least thinking about these myths. Xaña is going to bust each one wide open, exposing the real truth for you, once and for all.)

Here’s a quick rundown of what dental call tracking myths she’s breaking down:

1) It’s a HIPAA violation to record patient calls. (Is it? Watch the video and find out for your definitive answer.)

2) Dental call tracking will hurt your SEO efforts. (By now, we all know how important SEO is to have your business stand out from your competition online. Does call tracking make it more challenging? You’ll have press play to find out.)

3) Patients are skeptical about a changing phone number. (Are you worried your patients are going to freak out if they see a new number associated with your name or business?)

4) My team is going to hate me if I make them record their calls. (This is a big one. Watch what Xaña has learned about this myth during her decades of dental marketing experience.)

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Do Your Numbers Add Up?


Years ago, my son was a HUGE fan of the show Myth Busters. The hosts would take these logical assumptions we have about life and prove them to be complete and utter nonsense. Well, that’s what we’re going to do today with myths about dental call tracking.

Hi, I’m Xaña Winans, CEO and founder of Golden Proportions Marketing, the nation’s leading dental marketing company, and I am a nut for call tracking. We put call tracking numbers on pretty much everything. Think of call tracking like salt in your cooking – it just makes everything better.

Some people in the dental world are highly resistant to the idea of using dental call tracking numbers. There are a few myths still floating around out there about call tracking messing up your SEO, causing HIPAA issues and other stuff. Ready to bust some myths?

Myth #1 – It violates HIPAA to record your patient calls

Sorry, but that’s nonsense. In 2009, HIPAA extended its coverage for ‘covered entities’ through the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) to include all business associates with access to health information, which includes marketers and call tracking providers. So relax, you’re covered and so are we. Myth busted.

Myth #2 – Dental call tracking is going to hurt my SEO

Well if you don’t know what you’re doing, it could. We had one client come to us who let a clueless marketer put the same call tracking number on Google, their website, and Facebook. That was a NAP nightmare and yes, it DID screw up their SEO because that was the WORST possible thing to do. When we use call tracking, the tracking number is listed on your website as a “New Patient Hotline” and we tell Google not to index the number so there is no confusion with your primary number. No impact on your SEO, and now we know every new patient call that comes in. Our analysis? Myth busted.

Myth #3 – My patients won’t trust a changing phone number

Okay, busting this one is easy. Off the top of your head, what’s the phone number of your vet? No peeking at your phone. Not sure? That’s because on your phone, all you have to do is hit a button and it connects you. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you my own daughter’s phone number. The only reason I know my husband’s cell is because he made me repeat it dozens of times when I was pregnant so I could reach him when I went into labor. Otherwise, bupkus. Sorry, but that one’s a bust too.

Myth #4 – My team won’t like being recorded

Okay, this one isn’t a myth. You should NOT hide the fact that you are recording calls, because your team will feel like their trust was violated. But if you tell your team that you are recording calls to measure the true impact of your marketing and to help the whole team to learn and grow, they should be fine with it. If they still balk, I’m going to tell you it’s because they already know you won’t like what you hear. Team members who have ownership of their actions and who want to be accountable to results are the only ones you want on your team, and they will embrace call tracking. Anybody else needs to go for a whole list of other reasons, this one being just the icing on the cake. Myth – and people who are afraid of dental call tracking – busted.

New patient call conversion is just one of the KPI’s you should be tracking. Download our free guide, “Transform Your Dental Practice By Tracking These 8 KPIs” today and learn how to track more than just your calls. Thanks for watching!