How to Make Your Dental Marketing More Mobile-Friendly


Want to know how to increase your new patient numbers? It starts with learning how to make your dental internet marketing to new patients and your existing patients more mobile-friendly. Why? Because over half of all dental website searches occur on a mobile device.

In this short video, Ashley will break down four of the key components of dental internet marketing that should most definitely be optimized for mobile use so that when patients or potential patients are looking for a new dentist, they’re going to choose you over the competition.

1) Pay-per-click ads – Find out why you should be using these ads and the simple steps you can take to make sure they’re set up for mobile devices.

2) Landing pages – If you’re running pay-per-click ads anywhere, they should all be linking back to a landing page created specifically for that campaign, not just your dental website. Ashley will show you a few tricks to make sure they’re mobile-friendly too.

3) Mobile apps – Learn how to improve your patient experience using mobile applications that make scheduling and confirming appointments easy for everyone.

4) Mobile communication – Appointment reminders and more make mobile applications a new, innovative way to connect with patients.

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Did you know that over 50% of online searches happen through a mobile device? Hi, my name’s Ashley Yaggie. I’m the Digital Marketing Analyst here at Golden Proportions Marketing. Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to make digital marketing for dentists to new patients and your existing patients more mobile-friendly.

Consumer searches on mobile devices have significantly surpassed that of desktop computers over the last decade. Mobile compatibility is so important that we made it a priority for all of our clients, and you should too. Here are four places to make sure your dental internet marketing is mobile-friendly.

Number one: pay-per-click ads. Hopefully, your practice is already utilizing dental pay-per-click advertising such as Google or Facebook ads. If you are, you want to make sure these ads are set up properly for mobile devices. Start by setting the correct bid adjustments on your campaign for mobile devices. I can guarantee your searches are highest on mobile. Use geo-targeting, which can show your ads to people who are physically close to your office, or try using call-only ads, which allow people to call your office right away without clicking through to a landing page.

Number two: landing pages. If you have a pay-per-click campaign, you should be using a landing page. Consider using accelerated mobile pages, which are essentially stripped down copies of an existing landing page. These pages offer faster loading times on mobile devices than your desktop dental website design and will improve your quality score, meaning a lower cost per click for you. Use light images and graphics. By light, we mean small, compressed file sizes.

Number three: mobile apps. You can improve your visitor experience with mobile applications. Automated appointment scheduling apps can be added to your landing page for new patients, or to websites for existing patients. Consider utilizing a mobile-friendly app that allows patients to pay their bills online, getting you your money faster.

Number four: mobile communication. Patients today love mobile communication. You can send appointment reminders via text message, announce promotions, and even request reviews. Hopefully, you’ve made a personal request for that review in the office, but that text message is great reinforcement.

If your dental practice is implementing these mobile-friendly steps, I’m confident you’ll see an increase in your new patient numbers. Your existing patients will appreciate these changes, too. Being mobile-friendly isn’t just something to think about for the future. It’s important to implement these changes now.

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