Google Display Ads for Dentists – Dental Marketing’s Least Expensive Tools


Google display ads for dentists are your secret tool for attracting new patients. Do you use them? Do you know how to maximize and make the most of every click? There are so many benefits to using dental Google display ads to grow your practice and help you stand out among all the other dentists in your area.

Press play and watch as Golden Proportions Marketing CEO, Xaña Winans, gives you four helpful, must-have tips for taking every click to the next level so that your Google display ads for dentists are effective and affordable.

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Have you ever heard of the KISS Principle? It’s absolutely critical that you follow it when you’re thinking about creating a display ad that adheres to Google’s rules. Watch the video to find out what it is and what it means for you and digital marketing for dentists.

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If you’ve ever been on the Weather Channel’s website, read an article on the New York Times online, or researched pretty much anything on the internet, your probably stumbled across one of dental marketing’s least expensive tools. Can you guess what it is?

Hi, I’m Xana Winans, CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the most trusted dental marketing companies in the country. And today, I want to talk to you about Google display ads for dentists.

Google display ads also known as banner ads are essentially those little, mini print ads or billboards that you’ve seen on over two million websites, and they can promote pretty much anything you can think of including your dentistry. So today I want to talk to you about how to maximize your clicks. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Tip number one. Your ad should include your logo. It’s actually a Google requirement, and you’re going to want to state your value proposition which tells prospective patients why you’re different. Then you’re going to want to think about an offer, something that’s going to make you stand out, and then finally you need a good strong call to action. It can be watch now, call me, schedule now, you get the idea.

Tip number two. Ads that have a great visual are going to attract a lot more attention. Think bright colors, even a gorgeous smile, something that’s going to draw the user’s attention away from the subject matter at hand. Video is also a great option as long as it’s compressed, and unlike me, very short.

Tip number three. When it comes to content, remember the KISS principle. You’re limited to no more than 80 characters of content, so as long as you have a really short, snappy headline, a great offer, and a call to action, you should be fine. Now your fonts should be instantly readable, nothing fancy, and they should take up no more than four lines of text.

Tip number four. Stay brand consistent. Using the same logo and brand colors in your display ad is going to help the user to kind of internally connect that display ad they saw to the office sign they see when they’re driving home. Also, make sure to use the exact same image in your display ad that you do on your landing page for instant credibility and trust.

The cost per click on a Google display ad for dentists can be as little as 25 cents, which can mean an awful lot of traffic to your website or your landing page. But make sure to work with a Google partner agency like us, to make sure you can maximize your end gains.

If you’re looking for more dental digital marketing ideas, be sure to download our guide to the top dental internet marketing trends by clicking on the link in this post. Thanks for watching.