3 Ways to Tell If Your Dental SEO Sucks


Do you know if your dental SEO sucks? If it does, you could be wasting precious time and money on something that’s never going to get your phone to ring with new patients. In this short video, Xana breaks down three tips you can use to test your current dental SEO efforts to see if they’re doing their job.

1) Title tags – If you’re unsure what these are, how they work, and why they’re crucial to successful dental SEO, watch this video. You’re sure to have an ‘A-ha’ moment or two.

2) NAP consistency – No this tip isn’t about sleeping. These NAPs are also very important to dental SEO that actually works. Do you know what NAP stands for? Watch and learn.

3) URLs – Messy URLs could be hurting you more than you think when it comes to dental SEO. Find out how to fix them by pressing play.

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You’re skimming through your email, and all of a sudden, you see one that strikes fear in your heart and stops you dead in your tracks. Can you guess what it is?

If you said that email was about your dental website’s SEO, you nailed it. Hi. I’m Xaña Winans. I’m the CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the oldest and most respected dental marketing companies in the country, and experts in dental SEO. Today, I want to talk to you about three ways to tell if your dental SEO sucks.

That email you got was just an example of emails that we see all the time. Bots issuing emails telling you that your website’s SEO sucks. And I am here to tell you that those emails are [*censored*]. One easy way to tell is that these emails are usually full of spelling and grammatical errors. Come on. If you are such a technical professional, how come you can’t tell the difference between your and you’re? These emails are written overseas, likely by the same “lawyer” who told you that you have a dead uncle you never met who wants to leave you a million dollars, and all he needs is your bank account number.

But, I also understand that it’s really easy to read these emails and actually start to wonder, is my dental SEO company actually doing what I pay them to do, or are they slacking? I love educated clients, so let’s get started.

Tip number one: title tags. I want you to open your website on Chrome or any other browser, and then take your mouse and move it all the way up at the top of the page. Above your website address. When you reach the top of the page, you’re going to see a little box pop up that’s going to have some words in it. Does it include the city you live in and your target keywords, such as dentist? If not, your SEO actually might suck.

Tip number two: nap consistency. Open your website and look for your address in the header or the footer of your site. Then I want you to go to your Google My Business page. See if they match identically. And I mean, I identically. Is the suite number the same? Did you abbreviate street or avenue exactly the same way? If not, I think you’re in trouble.

Tip number three: URLs. Open your website, click on a few pages, and look at the URL in your address bar. Is it full of symbols and numbers that don’t make any sense, or does it actually have words in it that match the topic of your page? Kind of like this. If your URL is a hot mess, then maybe that email was right after all.

Granted, there’s a lot more to dental website SEO than just these three things. So if you click on the link in this post, fill out the form, our dental SEO experts will be happy to do an in-depth analysis of your website and send you a report. As a matter of fact, we’ll schedule a call with you to explain everything so that you’re educated and you completely understand what is going on with your website’s SEO. No charge, we just want to ease your fears.

So, the next time you get an email like this, you’re going to know to send it right where it belongs…into spam. Thanks for watching.