3 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media for Dentists


You can watch this video and learn how to improve your social media presence RIGHT NOW, or you can keep doing nothing. (But we really don’t recommend it.) In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom video our web maven, Jackie, is giving you a crash course in social media marketing for dentists. Press play and take notes because you’re going to learn how to:

1) Show us your office by taking a few pictures and maybe a quick video tour – it doesn’t have to be any more than a minute or two. Do you know the trick about liking other business on Facebook? If not, listen to what Jackie has to say. It can’t hurt, it can only help.

2) Do you “like” your business? No, really. It’s important that you take this important step on your Facebook business page. You’ll need to “like as your page” to gain more likes and followers. Again, press play. Jackie will show you what to do.

3) Social media is one place where it pays to be less clinical and maybe a little more comical. It shows the human side of you, your office, and your team.

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Jackie: 00:01 Hey, guys. This is Jackie Brown from the web cave here at Golden Proportions with your Weekly Wednesday Wisdom.

Jackie: 00:06 Today, we’re going to talk about three things you can do right now to improve your social media presence. Ready? Here we go.

dental social media tip #1 – Show us your office!

Jackie: 00:13 First one. Show us your office. Take some pictures around your office. Do a quick video. New patients want to see what your building looks like on the inside and the outside, and your existing patients want to know if you’ve still got that velvet Elvis hanging up in the hallway. Number two, like other businesses. Remember, Facebook is a popularity contest, so liking other businesses might make them like you back. Now, we’re not talking corporations. I can like Kohl’s for their clothing until I’m blue in the face, but they will never like me back. I’m talking the small businesses. The place where you go for your dry cleaning, the restaurant you guys go to for your staff luncheons, or that little deli up the street with the really good bread that’s all crusty, and they’ve got the prosciutto that’s so thin you could hold it up and see the light through it. That place. That place.

Dental social media tip #2: “Like” as your business

Jackie: 01:06 Now, this is a little different than liking something personally. When you’re logged into Facebook, you see how you have your like and then your three little dots? I want you to click those three little dots, and if you are an admin on your Facebook business page, you should see an option that says “like as your page.” I want you to click that one instead so you’re liking this business as your business. Then hopefully those folks will like you back.

Dental social media tip #3 – Show us something fun!

Jackie: 01:36 Okay. That was number two. Number three is have fun. Show us what you guys are doing in the office. Are you having a staff birthday? On a nice summer day, are you going out in the parking lot and grilling? Show us those things. We want to see the human side of your office so that it’s not so clinical and maybe scary for some people. If all else fails, bust out a couple of these, and throw down a challenge. Recite some Dr. Seuss, or your best Taylor Swift lyrics. Tape it, or take some pictures, and show it to us on your Facebook page.

Jackie: 02:13 So that’s it. Three easy things you can do right now to help build your dental social media presence. So get online, like us on Facebook, and stay tuned for next week’s Wednesday Wisdom.

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