3 Easy Social Media Tricks for Dentists


We’ve got three EASY tricks to making social media marketing for dentists something that’s fun and draws attention to your office. Find out what you could be missing if you and your dental office aren’t taking advantage of the many benefits of social media marketing. 

Alison, one of Golden Proportions’ expert marketing strategists, will break it down for you in just three minutes. She’ll talk about how simple it is (and extremely important) to set your dental social media pages and profiles. 

(It really is important for you to get your office out there on social media. Watch this video. You’ll find out why!) Social media success comes from having a presence that gets you noticed for all the right reasons by both your existing and, hopefully, potential patients.

Press play, and take a few minutes to hear what Alison has to say about how you can change the way people feel about going to the dentist. You can get started by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to get your message across and build a brand patients know and trust. 

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00:01 You probably know just how important it is for you as a local business to be active on social media, and if you don’t, spoiler alert, being on social media and posting regularly is an absolute necessity for all businesses today, including dental offices. It is the new word of mouth, after all. But if you find yourself wondering things like just what in the world do these people want to see from me? How do I get people to interact with my page? Why is social media that important anyway? You’re not alone, but thankfully we have the answers. Hi, I’m Alison, marketing strategist at Golden Proportions Marketing. Join me as we take a look at three easy social media tricks for dentists.

00:46 Number one, know. The first trick to getting dental social media to work for your dental office is to put yourself out there. People can’t and won’t like you, follow you, or engage with your posts if they don’t know you exist. Make sure to brand your social media pages to your office. Include as much information as you can about your business, including hours, photos, location, and how to schedule an appointment.

01:12 Number two, like. Having well-branded social media pages is a great first step, but don’t stop there. While the saying “if you build it, they will come” worked in a field of dreams, the same motto may not work so well for your dental office’s social media pages. There’s a lot of noise out there in the social media universe and you have to find a way to shine through and set yourself apart. Even though you and I know that you’re awesome and everyone should follow you simply for that fact alone, you have to give people in your community a reason to like you, both in real life and physically on social media using that little thumbs up button. Essentially, you have to work on making friends and getting people to like you.

01:54 How do you do that? Well, the truth is stock photos and fun dental facts probably won’t do much to help you in this department. Why? Your patients don’t really care about that stuff. What they do care about, believe it or not, is YOU, so give people what they want. Show them the real you, the personalities of your rock star team members, your happy patients, and how active you are in the community. The more authentic you can be with your posts, meaning the more videos you personally film, the more real life photos you take, the more you show off the people behind the white coats and masks, the more people will become attached to you, and your energy, and you guessed it, like you.

02:35 Number three, trust. After you’ve gained some followers and new friends on social media, you’ll want to continue putting out those authentic posts to your audience. It’s why they liked you in the first place, so keep giving him the good stuff they want. Showcasing the real you, the team at your office, the people you help every day helps build trust, not only with your brand, but also for you as a dentist, and trust is one of the most important things patients want from somebody who’s going to be poking around in their mouth.

03:06 Let’s face it, not many people particularly enjoy going to the dentist, but if you use your social media platforms effectively by creating well-branded pages, gaining some friends, and posting real authentic content and creating stories, you may just change their minds.

03:22 Want to learn more? Go check out The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Dentists. See you next time.