3 Digital Dental Marketing Assets You Must Protect


Are you able to get into your dental website? What about your Google My Business listing so you can respond to a negative dental patient review? If you don’t have these vital digital dental marketing assets in your hands, you’ve lost control of your online presence. You might as well have given your house keys to a stranger on the street. Learn how to protect yourself and your brand with our latest video.

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Xaña: 00:00 Hey everyone, this is Xaña Winans, thanks for joining us for another episode of Wednesday Wisdom.

Xaña: 00:05 I want to talk to you today about protecting the keys to your digital kingdom. There’s three vital places where I want to make sure you’re the one in charge of your login and password, and that it’s not an agency who’s actually controlling these things for you.

Do you know your dental website login?

Xaña: 00:18 The first one is your website domain. Your website domain is like the keys to your house. You don’t want to just hand those off to a stranger. You want to be the one that actually owns your website domain, and your agency can be a technical contact so they can get in and access the account, but they can never change anything about it. They don’t own it. So make sure you have the login, password, and account number written down somewhere safe.

Can you get into Google My Business?

Xaña: 00:40 The second thing I want you to be in charge of is your Google My Business listing. So, Google My Business is where your patients go to write reviews about your practice. Without your login and password, they’re not gonna be able to get in, and write a response. So, make sure that you’re protecting that one as well.

Who controls your dental social media presence?

Xaña: 00:56 The third, and also equally vital asset for you to be in control of, is your dental social media accounts. Social media, no matter how much you love it, or don’t love it, is kind of vital to our businesses these days. And if you have a team member who sets those accounts up for you, you want to make sure they’re setting them up with your email address and password. That you’re the administrator on your business social media accounts, and that your team members are just editors, so if those relationships ever change, it’s easy for you to update the page roles so that you’re protecting your social account, and your presence online.

Xaña: 01:29 Thanks for joining me for another episode of Wednesday Wisdom. We look forward to speaking with you again next week.

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