Call Tracking

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Can’t get to the phone? Try these new patient scheduling solutions

Do you answer every single call to your dental office? (Come on, be honest.)  We know that missing just one call a month can cost you $2 million (yea, you read that right) over the lifetime of your business. Stop. Missing. Calls. Today. You really don’t have...
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Dental Call Tracking Myths – BUSTED!

Are you one of the hard-working dentistry employees who’s still on the fence about dental call tracking? Well, it’s time you took off your skeptic’s hat and started to bust some of the “myths” you might have fallen victim to in terms of dental call tracking.
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Dental Marketing Just Doesn’t Work

“Forget about using a dental marketing company. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.” Does this sound familiar? Sure, dental marketing doesn’t work when you’re ill-equipped. You...