Josh Gellock | SEO Manager

Josh Gellock is our dental SEO Manager , an experienced strategist with a passion for helping people achieve and exceed goals. He’s equipped with expert tactics and techniques for dental SEO to get your site to the top.

His love for web work and computers began to blossom in 1996 – just when the information superhighway was starting to buzz, inspiring this self-proclaimed “nerd” to pursue all things search and conversion. Josh later became the lead content strategist for T-Mobile, going full force into the ever-evolving world of content and SEO. Simply put, Josh is a local SEO expert and can position your practice in a major market without hesitation thanks to a wealth of research-driven strategies. He’s here to ensure you’re top dog for all search engine results and that your practice stands out for delivering quality content on a quality website.

Outside of the office, Josh loves being a dad to his three awesome kids. The family spends a lot of time together coming up with new ways to beat each other at UNO and Rummy. Josh also enjoys being active outdoors hiking, fishing, and biking.