Smart Market Call Screeners |

This great group of screeners has no hang-ups when it comes to dental call tracking. They are dialed-in devotees, busy analyzing conversations to see what your patients – or more importantly, your potential patients – are looking for. Are you missing calls after hours or at lunchtime? Does your team need additional training to convert callers into appointments? The screeners are ready to find out by identifying your opportunities for increased conversion after our marketing efforts start to make your phone ring.

The screeners are ready, armed with the secret weapon of call tracking software for dentists. You get analytics you can easily understand and use to your benefit. And they don’t stop there. Their proven call tracking metrics are put to good use to isolate what leads come from individual media sources instantly, so we know what’s working for you and where we need to make changes.

It might not sound like a lot of fun, but these crafty folks take great pride in staying on the line. Believe it or not, they see time spent combing through calls as a perfect opportunity to help make sure your practice and your marketing is successful.

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