Bess Cincotta | Account Executive

An accomplished, feisty ‘marketress’ who boasts over a decade of experience and an MBA in Marketing, Bess Cincotta “is fascinated by the reasons people make decisions.” As an Account Executive and dental marketing speaker, she spends lots of time peering ever deeper into the dental patient psyche. It’s what makes her an excellent strategic thinker and planner, along with a highly creative thinker.

She’s super savvy about creating digital marketing campaigns with trackable, measurable results. Bess works closely with clients to create unique solutions that help to distinguish their brand in a crowded, oversaturated market. She’s chock full of dental marketing ideas that are sure to appeal to you and your potential patients.

On weekends, Bess can be spotted participating in beach volleyball leagues, drinking wine – Chianti is her fave – and hanging with her hubby, daughter Bryn, son Cohen, and their pair of French Bulldogs, Vespa and Remmy.