Alison Micheletti | Senior Dental Marketing Strategist

Alison defected to GPM from the wide world of sports marketing. Forget the NBA; she earned her marketing MBA, which makes her an even more dangerous player in the dental marketing and dental consulting worlds. Alison’s highly strategic way of thinking, combined with her creative writing abilities, helped her quickly progress from a Project Manager into a veteran Dental Marketing Strategist.

Xaña has said she knew she found the right person for the job immediately after Alison left her initial job interview, primarily because there was an unmistakable “do the right thing” vibe that drives all of Alison’s decisions. Alison is always invested in her clients’ success. Alison isn’t quick to recommend something that just won’t work, proving you can’t go wrong by doing the right thing. Alison stands behind her work, and so do we.

When she isn’t hard at work in the office, you might find her in the line-up, facing off on the field hockey field or playing relationship mediator with her pets.


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