Michael Carlisle

Golden Proportions Marketing

Director of Digital Marketing

As a direct descendant of THE Patrick Henry, we like to say that Michael’s approach to digital marketing is “Give me results, or give me death!” (Yes, that sounds drastic, but we find it keeps him on his toes.)

A native of Texas, Michael possesses an extensive amount of experience in both marketing and cattle ranching. We don’t normally compare dental patients to livestock, but he really does an amazing job of rounding up new dental patient leads and herding them into our clients’ schedule books. Instead of a horse and lasso, he leads our digital marketing team to leverage the most efficient marketing technologies and proven strategies to drive patient engagement, conversion, satisfaction, and retention.

If (or when) he becomes independently wealthy, Michael would probably fly jet fighters, dabble in marine behavioral sciences, found a video game company, or just use his wealth to go around and change people’s lives. Until then — when he’s not spending quality time with his wife, five kids, and two cats — Michael likes to relax by longboarding, exploring nature, cooking, and competitive shooting.