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Where Do You Start?

There are a million reasons you may be avoiding social media. You’re busy seeing patients, you’re an introvert and it’s super uncomfortable asking a patient to take a selfie with you, or maybe you just have no idea what to post in the first place. We get it. We also need to tell you that social media isn’t a trend that’s going away.


Two billion people and counting. Come meet your friends online.


The perfect platform for our attention deficit driven lives.


40 billion photos and 4.2 billion daily likes can’t be wrong.


Crafting, quotes, and the perfect place to showcase your cases.

Your Patients Live On Social Media

The average person logs into Facebook eight times a day. Good heavens, don’t they have work to do? It’s all because people are looking for real connections in this online world, and that includes a connection with you. Don’t know where to start? Let our social media team help.

The secret to social media is engagement with your fans. But that means you have to have a page, and fans, to start with. GPM’s social media team will build your audience seemingly overnight, and then we’ll help share your message to keep them engaged.

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people looking at phones
people looking at phones

Facebook has become a highly competitive landscape. Do you want a smarter, easier way to attract your ideal patient? Facebook ads are one of the most effective social media marketing tools dentists can use. Thanks to Facebook’s rich database of user information, we have the power to target an extremely... Read More...

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