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Search Engine Marketing/Blogging


No longer do neighbors talk over back yard fences to gossip about the town and exchange recommendations for new doctors and dentists. Instead, they search for “Lewisburg Dentist” or “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Nashville” on their laptop or iphone, and those doctors whose websites come up at the top tend to get the calls. Once your site is properly optimized, it’s time to start moving it from Page 10 to Page 1. We do that by writing targeted, engaging blogs that are pushed to social media, optimizing directory listings, creating in-bound links and updating the SEO on your site to keep up with Google’s almost daily changes to their algorithm.

The ADA knew we were so darn good at web marketing that they selected GPM as one of only seven contributors nationwide to write a chapter in “The ADA’s Practical Guide to Internet Marketing.” Well shucks. The honor was all ours.