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Dental Patient Photography

Tells Your Story Like Nothing Else Can

Your skill and artistry turned a broken, discolored smile into a smiling, confident person. Clinical shots of your work, however, lose impact to anyone who’s not a dentist. Prospective patients need to see more than just retracted lips and teeth to understand what a new smile will mean. Custom dental photography and testimonials can be used in every part of your marketing.



Custom photos on your website enhance visitor conversion by an astounding 95%.

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Social Media

Professional photos of patients get comments, shares, likes, and lots of love.


Testimonial Album

Add real patient testimonials and you have a picture perfect album for your cases.


Dental Office Wall Decor

You’re a smile artist. Show off your very best work with larger than life images on your walls.

Email Marketing

Share your patients smiles and stories with anyone thinking about a new smile.


Use custom photography in your brochure and watch case conversion go up.


Real patient images help brighten up a mailbox and increase new patient calls.


Advertising is about authentic messages. Real photos are as authentic as it gets.

Patient Photography Is The Art Of Observation

At GPM, we’ve shot thousands of dental patients whose lives were transformed by dentistry. Our photography doesn’t just show what your work looks like, it shows what it feels like. Combined with custom written patient testimonials, we’ll help prospective patients desire a new smile of their own.

Dental patient marketing isn’t as confusing as you might think. Dentists and specialists clearly know they need good marketing to get new patients. They simply need help choosing the right dental marketing company for their growth goals and just don’t know where to start. Feeling the burn? Nearly every doctor... Read More...

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It’s not just about driving new patients to your door. A comprehensive marketing plan also explores branding, referrals, patient education, retention, and reactivation strategies to ensure you are getting the most out of every new patient opportunity. Explore how we can help.

Internal Marketing
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dentist talking to patient
dentist talking to patient

You don’t need to be a start-up dental practice to need a new brand. Every practice can benefit from a brand refresh to bring attention to their practice or update their message. Does this sound familiar?

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holding pinkes

The truth is your outdoor signage is brilliant passive marketing, but it’s also something that’s simple and steadfast. GPM can help you create dental office signs that get you noticed. Your sign stands for who you are, so make sure it’s sending the right message. One look at Google drive-by... Read More...

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dental office sign winans

New patient packets and dental brochures can solve a problem – white coat syndrome. We all know, patients start to tune out what you’re saying because their mind is busy processing their diagnosis while simultaneously thinking, “how am I going to pay for this?” Dental brochures can fill in the... Read More...

Dental Brochures
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dental office brochure bw

There’s a call from a new patient. She was just referred by her co-worker, who said she had the BEST DENTAL VISIT EVER at your office. Wow, does that call feel good. A referral from an existing patient means you have created something amazing that your patients want to share.... Read More...

Patient Referrals
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whispering secrets
whispering secrets

You invest a lot of money to attract new patients to your practice. But no matter how many new patients you get every year, your revenue never seems to grow. What gives? Most doctors only focus on the number of new patients they get scheduled each year. They don’t watch... Read More...

Patient Reactivation
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stacks of coins

Has your practice put someone on hold only to have them hang up seconds later? Total silence can make callers frustrated and feel ignored, wondering if anyone is going to help them – so they simply hang up. On-hold messages for your dental office are an efficient, affordable way to... Read More...

On-Hold Messages
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old fashioned phone

Are you frustrated with the generic sounding, stock articles provided by most newsletters and patient communication systems? You already go out of your way to create a special, personalized bond with every patient who comes to your office. Continue that kind of care and communication outside of the office with... Read More...

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paper airplane
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