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The world of dental search engine optimization is always changing and your SEO company needs to stay one step ahead. If you’re not using the most up-to-date dental SEO tactics to rank at the top and reach new patients, then you could be missing out on some extremely lucrative revenue to help grow your practice.

Confused By Dental SEO?

If understanding SEO was easy, you wouldn’t be here. We’ll bet you’ve been baffled by reports that made no sense (if you got a report at all), been BS’d by a shady sounding sales rep, and ultimately wondered what on earth you were paying for. Fair question. At Golden Proportions Marketing, we believe in practicing education and transparency in SEO, as well as with all of your marketing.

We use screen share meetings to show you how Dental SEO works, including your Google listing, on-page optimization, and inbound linking. Easy-to-understand monthly reports detail your progress and keyword rank. Regular online reviews with your account executive detail our SEO tactics and their impact on your site.

What Exactly Is Dental SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, it’s the process of maximizing your site’s ability to become a match when a prospective dental patient searches for a new dentist. Strategies include a combination of tactical content development, creating near-perfect consistency among your online listings, and keeping up with Google’s never ending changes, among other things. The Golden Proportions Marketing internet marketing team is committed to white-hat, ethical SEO.

How Long Does Dental SEO Take To Work?

SEO is a long game marketing strategy. If someone tells you they can get you at the top for “#1 Dentist New York City” in a few months, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you. Honestly, the results all depends on the keyword and the market you’re in. We’ll personally evaluate your online presence and give you a fair and honest timeline.

How Will I Know If My Dental SEO Is Working?

If we do our job right, you’ll know because your phone will ring more often! We know that’s a rather unscientific way to measure success, so in addition to keyword rank reports, we utilize call tracking with every SEO client. It allows us to measure our impact on your practice, make sure we’re attracting the right patients, and ensure your team is doing everything possible to convert leads into patients.

Stop Worrying. Start Ranking.

If you’re continually frustrated by your dental SEO results, talk to the experts. Our team will explain what’s causing your rank, and what you need to do to fix it. And if you’re in a market where ranking on page 1 for “Your Town Dentist” just isn’t possible this century, we’ll tell you that too. We’d rather give you strategies that will work than promise the moon and the stars. Transparent SEO holds everyone to a higher standard, including us.

Dental patient marketing isn’t as confusing as you might think. Dentists and specialists clearly know they need good marketing to get new patients. They simply need help choosing the right dental marketing company for their growth goals and just don’t know where to start. Feeling the burn? Nearly every doctor... Read More...

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A website that can’t be found is just an expensive digital brochure. Choose from local SEO strategies that quickly move sites to the top of page 1, our review request engine, and pay-for-performance marketing with Google AdWords from our Google Premier Partner team.

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Many dental marketing firms only focus on generating the highest click through rates. While that’s important (our click through rates are among the highest in the industry), what counts even more? Phone calls, from qualified prospective patients. We track our client’s conversion rates, cost per lead, and cost per scheduled... Read More...

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In high school, a good reputation (or worse, a bad one) could make or break your social standing. As a dentist, online reviews function much the same way. Yet, as important as this is, many practices still struggle with how to ask for and manage patient reviews. We’ll not only... Read More...

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