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Clicks Aren't All You Need
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You Also Need Calls. Lots of Them.

Many dental marketing firms only focus on generating the highest click through rates. While that’s important (our click through rates are among the highest in the industry), what counts even more? Phone calls, from qualified prospective patients. We track our client’s conversion rates, cost per lead, and cost per scheduled patient religiously, because the only thing that matters is results. Here’s where we put our clients for dynamic results:


These pay-per-ads position you above all the organically ranked pages on Google. Yes please.


Those coveted Google listings feature your reviews. We’ll put you on top no matter how many reviews the competition has.

Display Ads

Google display ads are like print ads that appear online. You’ll appear on news sites, blogs, weather sites, and more.


Once someone has been to your site, retargeting reminds them to return, following them pretty much everywhere.


Even adorable kitten videos start with commercials. Run your ad just before for guaranteed attention.

We Have Google’s Number. Like For Real.

Our internet marketing team is an AdWords Certified Google Partner, meaning that we have what you’ve been searching for – legit support at Google. Google AdWords can change your practice. Ask us how.

Dental patient marketing isn’t as confusing as you might think. Dentists and specialists clearly know they need good marketing to get new patients. They simply need help choosing the right dental marketing company for their growth goals and just don’t know where to start. Feeling the burn? Nearly every doctor... Read More...

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A website that can’t be found is just an expensive digital brochure. Choose from local SEO strategies that quickly move sites to the top of page 1, our review request engine, and pay-for-performance marketing with Google AdWords from our Google Premier Partner team.

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The world of dental search engine optimization is always changing and your SEO company needs to stay one step ahead. If you’re not using the most up-to-date dental SEO tactics to rank at the top and reach new patients, then you could be missing out on some extremely lucrative revenue... Read More...

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In high school, a good reputation (or worse, a bad one) could make or break your social standing. As a dentist, online reviews function much the same way. Yet, as important as this is, many practices still struggle with how to ask for and manage patient reviews. We’ll not only... Read More...

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