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Let’s say you’re a patient looking for a new dentist. Where do you start? Some go to Facebook to ask a friend. Others read reviews on Google. The majority of people want a dentist close to home or work, so they search “Dentist Near Me” to see who comes up first. Clearly, internet marketing is critical if you want prospective dental patients to even know you exist. Thankfully, the options are seemingly limitless.


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We Make Online Marketing Easy

It’s easy to be confused by online marketing. So many companies email you, saying your SEO or AdWords campaign is good, but could be so much better if only you worked with them instead. We make sure to educate our clients so you understand everything we do, and exactly how we do it. There are no misleading or confusing reports – just clear, transparent results.

The world of dental search engine optimization is always changing and your SEO company needs to stay one step ahead. If you’re not using the most up-to-date dental SEO tactics to rank at the top and reach new patients, then you could be missing out on some extremely lucrative revenue... Read More...

Dental SEO
Dental Internet Marketing > Dental SEO

Many dental marketing firms only focus on generating the highest click through rates. While that’s important (our click through rates are among the highest in the industry), what counts even more? Phone calls, from qualified prospective patients. We track our client’s conversion rates, cost per lead, and cost per scheduled... Read More...

Google Adwords
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website and cell phone
website and cell phone

In high school, a good reputation (or worse, a bad one) could make or break your social standing. As a dentist, online reviews function much the same way. Yet, as important as this is, many practices still struggle with how to ask for and manage patient reviews. We’ll not only... Read More...

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