Dental Billboards Are More Than Drive-By Marketing

Is your office hidden away inside a large professional building? You’ll love what a dental billboard can do to create visibility for your practice. Maybe you want to become branded as the go-to dentist for sedation, Invisalign®, or same-day dentistry. Billboards will deliver your message quickly and with unmatched repetition.

Commuter Connections

Our team uses powerful imagery and a commanding message to make an impact on commuters and drivers in your community. Commonly used to brand your practice, well done dental billboards will drive traffic (pun intended) to your website and social media pages, turning interest into action. Ask the GPM dental marketing team about ideas for your next dental billboard.

Dental patient marketing isn’t as confusing as you might think. Dentists and specialists clearly know they need good marketing to get new patients. They simply need help choosing the right dental marketing company for their growth goals and just don’t know where to start. Feeling the burn? Nearly every doctor... Read More...

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TV, radio, print, and direct mail all still have a powerful place in this online world. See how advertising can play a part in your marketing plans.

Dental Advertising
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Are you opening a new practice or have you added a new associate? Perhaps you want to reach new movers, or parents with kids who are about to need braces. Direct mail for dentists is the perfect solution in competitive, media-expensive markets because you can count on your message reaching... Read More...

Direct Mail
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When you want to be known as the “go-to” dentist for implants, cosmetics, or even family dentistry, nothing is more effective than TV. Success with TV may not come overnight, but once it hits, you’ll never want to stop. Just be prepared to be a local celebrity. The branding that... Read More...

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The world still listens to the radio, whether digital or traditional. We’re betting you have music on in your office right now. When that music pauses for a short commercial break, do you want your patients to hear about a beautiful new car, or the power of a gorgeous smile... Read More...

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Print is dead, they said. Everyone’s on the internet, they said. Looks like they were wrong. In 2017, studies revealed that 70% of Americans actually prefer to read on paper, then follow up with research on the internet. Combining those mediums can move a reader from brand awareness to action.... Read More...

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