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Call Tracking / ROI Measurement


Want to know how well your marketing is working? Unless you track every call and review your campaign analytics on a regular basis (and who has the time to do that?), it’s a guessing game. That’s why we created Periscope, a revolutionary dental marketing performance platform. Your tracked calls are reviewed, categorized and flagged based on performance. Website, AdWords and Facebook analytics tell us the inside story that led to the call. And our ROI engine allows you to quickly see what marketing strategies to keep and which to kill. With true ROI information you’ll know where to spend money effectively, and you can finally tell the yellow pages to take a hike.

  • Unique call tracking numbers for each media
  • Call recordings, screening and categorization
  • Gold Star and Red Flag call performance alerts
  • Quarterly review of call analytics, digital marketing analytics and ROI
  • Missed revenue alerts
  • Precise calculation of cost per patient, call conversion percentages, treatment plan acceptance and ROI