Custom Dental Practice Marketing For Dentists Just Like You

When you have a team like GPM that lives and breathes marketing for dentists, there’s no explanation needed. You get the peace of mind that you’re trusting your valuable time and money with a team that knows what your practice needs to attract the right kind of patients.

Choose a team with over two decades of dental advertising results and experience you can see and believe in. GPM has a comprehensive, custom, and carefully-planned solution to help you reach and exceed your marketing goals – one new patient at a time.

As the owner of a general dental practice, you’re the one man band of small business. You’re expected to be the CEO, COO, CFO and VP of Marketing, all while providing clinical care to your patients. If you feel like you’re wearing too many hats, you’re right. Our knowledgeable, full-service... Read More...

Private Practice
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Marketing a specialist’s practice requires a unique understanding of the general dentist/specialist relationship. From building referral networks to creating direct-to-consumer marketing for implants, pediatric dental practices and more, we know specifically what it takes to grow your specialty dental practice. The GPM team has decades of collective, results driven experience... Read More...

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Your group dental practice understands the business of dentistry and the power of marketing. You also understand the bottom line. Your marketing simply has to deliver results – your team is counting on it. You need an experienced agency that understands the power of branding, the importance of individualized plans... Read More...

Group Practice
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