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the Transition

Practice Solutions

The Challenge:

Your existing patients love their old dentist. You need to help them learn to love you while not freaking them out with dramatic changes.


Old patients, new dentist. A little bit of hesitation on both sides as you get to know each other.


Keep existing patients happy during the transition while educating them on a new process or approach to care.

The Solution:

Branding and web updates combined with internal marketing, all designed to educate and build confidence with existing patients so they’ll know you’re as good as we know you are.

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Profiles In Success » Irwin Goh

Dr. Irwan Goh purchased an existing practice from a retiring dentist in Las Vegas, but quickly realized he had not hit the jackpot. The patients in the practice had great loyalty to their previous dentist, and Dr. Goh’s more advanced techniques and training were unfamiliar to them. We used newsletters, a patient portfolio and similar internal marketing materials to help let patients get to know their new dentist over time. External marketing helped brand his name and attract new patients to the practice.

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