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the Plateau

Practice Solutions

The Challenge:

The phone just isn’t ringing. New patient numbers are flat or steadily dropping.


The practice is either over-niched, in an oversaturated market with too much competition, or you’ve never done any marketing and no one knows you exist.


Change what the local market thinks of you and reinvent your reputation.

The Solution:

A comprehensive plan of internal marketing combined with social media, and a highly creative branding campaign to sell your message.

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Profiles In Success » Kurt Williams

Dr. Kurt Williams is such a good dentist that he had restored pretty much everything in his patient records. Hygiene was full, but restorative had become slow. In a rural farming community, prospective patients are spread out and harder to find. We built a properly optimized website, used external marketing to expand his reach, and capitalized on the loyalty of his existing patients to increase referrals. Using gorgeous custom photography of his own patients, Dr. Williams became a household name far and wide.

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