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the Innovator

Practice Solutions

The Challenge:

You’ve invested some serious coin in this new technology, now you need some patients to try it out on.


Purchase of a shiny new toy for the practice (Icat, Cerec, or laser among others), or a doctor bubbling with excitement after taking a really cool course on Invisalign or Facelift Dentures.


Attract targeted patients who want your specific new product or service.

The Solution:

Internal marketing to educate and excite existing patients, targeted external marketing, rounded out by a website update and social media announcements.

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Profiles In Success » Jane Birriel

Dr. Jane Birriel opened her practice in Morgan City, Louisiana and quickly realized that no one in her city had a Cerec. Or if they did, they sure weren’t promoting it. So we did print ads, a tv commercial, added a dedicated page to her website and talked about it to existing patients. Now she’s a Cerec queen and the whole city knows Dr. Birriel is their #1 choice for same day restorations.

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