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the Expert

Practice Solutions

The Challenge:

You’ve taken every course in the book. Except the one that teaches you how to turn that education into patients.


Self-proclaimed continuing education junkie, often with several accreditations; a true expert in their field.


Attract a highly targeted patient who has already decided you are “the one” before they even pick up the phone.

The Solution:

Create a niche position through branding oriented external marketing and a crazy smart media plan.

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Profiles In Success » Zach Hodgins

Dr. Zach Hodgins is a true specialist among general dentists. He loves helping anxious patients restore their mouths to health, and knew that not enough GP’s offered the sedation options he has available. We helped him build a specialty sub-brand, marketing him as a sedation specialist to other GP’s. It worked so well he built another sub-brand to capitalize on OSA treatment for referred patients. Dr. Hodgins is marketed as an expert, the GP’s get their patients back for routine care, and everyone ends up happy.

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