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the Associate

Practice Solutions

The Challenge:

You’ve got a new associate. He needs patients but you don’t want to just give him all of yours. Simple, right?


Eager associate with too much time on his hands.


Transition the maintenance patients to the associate so you can focus on the more complicated cases. Build up the associate’s schedule to help grow the practice.

The Solution:

Branding update, external marketing to drive calls for the associate and probably some website updates (all assuming you really love this associate).

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Profiles In Success » 12 Oaks Dental

Dr. Marc Worob had worked tirelessly to become a highly trained restorative dentist and wanted to primarily see patients who needed his skills. Yet he knew that it was unwise to stop offering general family dentistry. The solution was an associate. We helped him introduce his associate to existing patients, keeping them loyal to the practice by letting them know this was a team effort. External marketing kept the associate’s schedule full so Dr. Worob could give laser focus to his true passion – restoring smiles.

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