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Marketing Ideas Guide Cover

Creative Dental Marketing Ideas

Are you ready to put pen to paper and establish a plan for your dental practice’s marketing success? You’ve landed in the right place.

Download the Creative Dental Marketing Ideas Guide

Get the White Glove Test

White Glove Test

Does your practice ace our White Glove Test? It could be the difference between retaining new patients or relinquishing them to your biggest competitor.

Download the GPM White Glove Test

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Marketing Calendar

You have goals and marketing plans for your practice, now make sure they get done. Use this simple calendar to plan your strategies and keep track of your budget.

Download the GPM Marketing Calendar

ROI Calculator

ROI Monitor

In order to better track your Return on Investment, use our ROI Monitor spreadsheet. Track your leads, new patients, and marketing costs to see where your expenditures are bringing you the most return, and whether or not your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Download ROI Marketing Monitor


Dental Patient Reviews and Referral Guide

It’s no secret that reviews and referrals are crucial in growing your practice and maintaining your reputation. Asking for them is easier than ever thanks to this free, step-by-step guide.

Download your copy today to increase your online reviews and patient referrals.
Dental Patient Reviews & Referrals Guide

bad review

Responding to a Bad Review

Have a bad online review? Don’t worry. It happens. Download our step-by-step guide on how to handle negative comments.

Download 5 steps for responding to a bad review

Patient Survey

You know what your patients think of your office, right? Or are they not telling you things? Send this confidential survey for a true insider’s look of what works well and what needs work.

Download Patient Survey

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Is Yelp a YES for Your Practice?

Have you read Bess’s blog  To Yelp or Not to Yelp? Wondering if it’s the right choice for you? Check out this information from Yelp® about their integration into our everyday lives and also how Yelp has become the #1 review source for finding a doctor.

Yelp Integration and Partnerships
Yelp’s Impact on Doctors

Wondering about things like “enhanced listings” and what they’re all about? Watch this quick video.

Model Release

If you take a photo of your patient and plan to show it to anyone else, you need to cover your butt. Download our free model release to make sure your patients give you permission to show off their gorgeous new smiles.

Download Model Release Form

Radio Formats

Before you buy radio, make sure you are working with a station that matches your demographics. Our radio formats list tells you what all those abbreviations really mean to your bottom line.

Download Radio Station Format Guide

Professional Referral Tips

Okay, you have that sweet new referral pad in hand and you’re ready to build some relationships. Download our tip sheet for a few ideas on how to get your foot in their door and new patients in your door.

Download Professional Referral Tips

Patient Referral Tips

Referrals from existing patients are hands down, your best marketing tool. But the thought of asking for a referral has most doctors and teams sweating through their scrubs. Our simple system will give you the confidence you need to turn one existing patient into several new patients.

Download Patient Referral Tips

Effective Patient Testimonials

Why are patient testimonials important? Think about it…. it’s easy for you to say that your practice is awesome, but what do your patients say about it? Showing satisfied patients talking about their own great experiences with you goes a long way to build your practice’s reputation. But how do you film effective patient testimonial videos? Here’s a video full of tips called How To Improve Patient Testimonials by our President, Xaña Winans.